DM2 response pad


i have a DM2 and my stock response pads finally gave out, so i replaced them with the clear pads that came with it. they stick out to far and it essentially makes my unresponsive yoyo responsive…the string catchs on almost any trick and i cant seem to fix the issue. im ordering a 888X soon and was wondering if they sell the stock pads that came with the DM2 so i could order replacements at the same time. couldnt find it on forums or site, or if anyone has a idea as to how to wear the pads down so they are level with yoyo (not sticking out so darn much)



I never had this problem. I ordered replacement pads and they were white. You can always silicone your DM2 if you want to.

But, they do sell the pads. They are right here:

But if you want to wear the pads down(not a bad idea), it is suggested to use a durable fabric. It’s generally recommended to use denim.

You may want to order at least 1 new set of pads with every new yoyo you have unless you’d like to try your hand at siliconing them using gasket making silicone or flowable silicone, all of which are available at auto-parts stores. YoYoExpert also sells the flowable silicone here.


thanks for that! yah i was thinking of trying my hand at the flowable silicone thing. but im deff gonna order the normal pads for it…i have no idea why it came with these monster thick ones as spares lol?


Were the monster thick ones included in the package?

When I ordered my DM2 in May 2011, all that was included in the package besides the yoyo with a string and a slim bearing already installed, was a Speed Bearing on a small bag in the box.


yes they came with it, so i just figured they were the correct replacements (not the case =[)

so now im without a yoyo til i can figure this out =[


2 choices:
A trip to the auto parts store and you can get gasket making silicone or flowable. There’s videos how to use both. Wait up to 24 hours and you’re ready to throw again.

Order replacement pads from YYE, but ask for standard postage. 3-5 days and you’re good to get back into it again. If you do go this route, order a few sets. I have 4 sets since I have a fair amount of YYJ yoyos that use these.

Of course, now you know why you should have more than 1 yoyo!


a rep with yoyoexpert confirmed that somehow some one drop flowpads got mixed in with my order and thats where the clear pads came from lol. thats what i get for just assumeing i guess lol


Oops. Well, we can all make mistakes. YYE is notorious for taking excellent care of their customers, and it’s with no surprise that they are all over you right now trying to help.

That’s one of the things I look for in any company: good customer service. It’s a rarity these days. YYE gets this.


oh yes they were extremely friendly!!! i deff will continue to order through YYE =]


If you don’t want to order a set of pads from YYE, PM me and I’ll trade you a set of my YYJ Silicone for your One Drop responses you got by mistake. I can mail it Monday. Just an envelop(gee, do I even have any? I’m not sure) and a stamp.


Umm, studio, you can’t just take out the pads and mail the again, a lot of the glue would have come off in the yoyo and the wouldn’t stick back in properly.
For pads the Duncan sg’s work great and play really well, they feel almost he same as yyj’s too me but last longer, and come in 4 packs.


A fresh unused set of YYJ silicone for a pair of unused still on the backing One Drop Flowgroove response pads. Where’s the problem?

Seems a fair trade. 1 for 1(or rather 2 for 2)


He already used the OD pads or else how would he know how they played (or am I missing something).


They come 4 on a sheet. He used 2. There’s 2 left over. There ya go.

I checked this out before I accepted his offer.


Oh, I just assumed that he got a pair in his order (kinda dumb).

(Y yo?2 yo.) #16

Neva assume.


I assumed the same thing. I mean, outside of Duncan, who sells their response stickers more than by the pair, right? You aren’t alone.


dropped them in the mail last night btw =]


Sweet. They won’t move until Monday though. Your replacements will go in the mail Monday night. I have some CD’s and DVD’s to mail to a client, so since I have to go mail stuff anyways, it will on it’s way after 5PM.