The response on my DM2 came off!


I was practicing my snap wind and the response came slightly off from one side. I can’t get it to go back in it keeps popping off. What should I do?


get new response.


… Silicone time!


Yup. Time for a new response pad or use flowable or RTV gasket silicone.

This is why I advocate buying response pads at the same time you buy a yoyo so you have your parts. This is especially helpful for non-domestic(non-US I mean) buyers so they can minimize the cost of shipping/postage.

With replacement pads, stick them in and you’re good to go. With gasket silicone, wait the recommended time. For flowable silicone, wait 24 hours after applying. Use Permatex if you go that route.


I should’ve gotten them pads… I just siliconed my YYF One with 100% Silicone RTV.

To test if that stuff works…

I need to YOYO!!


I can still use it since it hasn’t come off completely though! =D

Also, I’m afraid of Siliconing my DM2…


Theb just buy new response right here from yoyoexpert under the yoyojam section.


Yank it out and use the silicone. It works! If you can silicone your ONE, you can silicone your DM2. Now, GO. Do it! Get it done! The sooner you silicone it, the sooner you can play it again. Heck, just do one side.

Oh, and take your bearing and axle out first.

When my DM2’s pads wear out, I’m siliconing it. And this is my “baby”. I love this yoyo. So, I wouldn’t mess around with it. I just siliconed my RecRev Sharp, I need to rub it down with some denim I bought. Too grippy. At the same time, I had it modified to take flowable silicone and I can honestly say this was a fantastic decision and the guy who did the work did an amazing job.


if you don’t want to risk messing up the here is the link to buy them for a few dollars:


Buy 2 sets, ask YYE to put them in an envelop to save on postage/shipping. You can send probably up to 4 sets with standard first class postage.


Studio, I know your DM2 is your baby lol.

Mine’s is my baby too!

I love this yoyo!! Waiting for that Terrapin X Wing !

BTW, I think Imma silicone it and buy the response for after. I don’t have time to wait! XD I need to YOYO!


DM2 and a Terrapin X Wing Cut? Have you been emulating me? That’s my set-up. Wait, are you using 100% poly strings in neon green? What colors is your DM2? Mine’s the translucent blue.

Don’t wait. Silicone that yoyo! This is why you need multiple yoyos. While I was waiting for the flowable silicone to cure in my modded RecRev Sharp, I was giving my Agape set a good run through. I’m taking a break. My throw hand middle finger is all dried and cracking. Need to rub some lotion and some neosporin on there. Must be the callous forming!


Hahahaha. No? XD I’m using 100% blue poly and my DM2 lis the black spade edition lol so you are safe lol!!!

Also, I met another player from the island!! He has like 7 all metal throws and stuff.


Just Siliconed my DM2! They only had 100% Silicone RTV and Red Silicone.

Imma order some flowable online later when I have money XD


I would just buy some k pads.


The gasket making stuff will work just fine as well. Some people actually prefer that stuff over flowable as they have different feels. It’s all about preferences. I personally like flowable. However, my CLYW BvM, the guy who sold it to me used red RTV and did a fantastic job with putting it in.