Silicone response!!!!


So I’m at work right now an I was throwing my green dm2. I throw a break away and see something fly out the bottom I do my trick and then look. See this half circle laying in the floor. Take apart my dm3 an see my response is falling a part. Looks like ill be this weekend.


Dear lord how old is that response?

Response needs to be replaced every so often. That looks like a pad, but I’m not exactly sure. Whether it’s a pad or silicone from a tube, replace it more often or get a different kind of silicone.


It’s monkey snot and I’ve had it in here for almost 3 months


Three months can either be a very long or very short amount of time for silicone to last, depending on how hard you play.

How long did you let the silicone cure for when you applied it?


I’d say over night do about 7 hours before I put it back together


Silicone takes 24 hours to fully cure. No wonder it looks to dry and ripped up.

Give it the full 24 hours it needs next time and I’m sure you’ll be more satisfied.


Ill keep that in mind. Just have to lay the silicone and leave it alone for a day lol


That’s why you buy 2 DM2’s, or at least have more than 1 yoyo.

Also, for 3 months, was this your main throw? What was your usage like? Depending on how you played, this could be short(if you don’t play a lot), about right(pretty regular to heavy play) or long(daily marathon session player).


I have like 5 throws in my collection right now. But yea this is my daily throw that I can count on and I would say kind of heavy play about 4 hours daily off and on.


I would say if you’re that reliant on the DM2(hey, I am too, I have 4 and am about to do a BST to get a 5th), get a second so you don’t have to go without. I can play anything I want from a growing collection. Almost everywhere I go, I have a DM2 on me. This year it’s a red one. The past 2 years it’s been a blue one.

For that kind of play, yeah, you’re lucky it lasted that long. 3 months is pretty generous considering you didn’t wait for it to cure. Next time, be patient and wait the full 24 hours for the silicone to cure and use something else on the “down time”. If you waited for the silicone to cure properly, I’d say you’d have gotten around the same amount of time, maybe another month at best.


After my first dm2 I did pick up a second one. Just sometimes it feels like my green on is my go to. Of I’m trying a new trick o just need to get my flow on i can always count on it. But ill be good next time and wait the 24 hours lol


I feel the same way towards the blue one, but really, all my DM2’s are set up identical and they play pretty much identical.


This is because there was something in your response area when you applied this silicone.
Make sure it is clean and dry before you start. If you get a package of it it tells you it won’t stick well if you don’t clean the surface of all oils.
Use some 91% alcohol and a Q time to wipe out response area before applying the silicone next time.
For years I didn’t do this and sometimes that would happen to me.
Now I do two things to prevent it, although I suspect you only need to clean out the recces of all oils.
The other thing I do is scratch up the response area of the yoyo. I started doing t his after I got my first 09’ severe that has the yoyofactory logo lazerd into the silicone recces. I found that the lazering really held onto the silicone. So kinda’ put two and two together and figured a scratched up surface will give it something to grip onto. And it does. :slight_smile: Can understand why you wouldn’t want to do the scratch step but there really isn’t a lot of reason to not do the alcohol step. Which also helps with stickers sticking as well.
Side note don’t use this product on acrylic. I am fairly sure it could cause cracking. Also you can just remove the bearing and axle and wash it with dish washing fluid and dry it to get rid of the oils.