Even more problems with DM2

Well the stock silicone in the dm came off and i fixed it with flowable silicone. That is until i wore that out in about a week! :frowning: Is that supposed to happen or am i just supposed to get normal silicone?

May have been a bad silicone job. Chances are you may have had some air bubbles under the silicone job. I’d just try again.

aren’t DM’s with starbursts ?

Dark Magic 1’s had half starburst half O-ring (Hybrid) response. Dark Magic 2’s have silicone pad response.

na silicone

a week is good on a ssilied plastic it seems.

Duncan FHZ, lasted 3 Months with the same sili. Plastic and sili get along fine.

True my ProtoStar has held it’s sili job for over a month now and I play it a good bit it doesn’t just sit.

Lol just noticed the rhyme I made.

I have to ask did you clean the recess of the yoyo because if you didn’t the silicone doesn’t stick quite as well and thus it will come out sooner. Next time make sure there’s no dirt or dust. Also since you must be new at siliconing yoyos you might have got air bubbles which means less silicone holding on to the yoyo recess and it won’t last as long.

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Maybe you would be better served e-mailing YYJ…Rather than just complaining about an outstanding, long serving member of this yoyo community…In public…without giving them a chance to make things right in your eye’s…I do believe they have a very helpful and professional staff… (Hey Andre…! How’s that pretty little wife of yours…?)

You either have air bubbles in your silicone. Probably a bad silicone job. And flowable silicone is fine, they do wear out faster than RTV, but either is fine. Not much of a difference. People may also prefer flowable. It resolves or evens out itself.

The same thing always happened to me. My initial pads wore out/fell out and i re siliconed it myself, and it wore out again in about a week. I got sick of waiting for it to dry, the mess, and the extra money to pay for more flowable silicone. So I just tried the pre-made pads that are sold in the yoyojam shopping section and they work GREAT! I’ve been using them since…

So thats my advice; hope this helps. :wink:

So how did you manage to have that happen? It’s never happened in any of my YYJ’s that have the sili ring. You’ve only had it a little over 2 months. In any event, if you cleaned the groove before you sili’d it, it should stay there quite a long time.

Are you possibly lubing your bearing with anything? Silicone will absorb lube and that can definitely cause it to fall out prematurely…

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Learn something new every day…

so how do i get rid of air bubbles??

Try laying the silicone down slower and making sure there is no air bubbles before it dries, If you find an air bubble you can try to pop it and fill the space with more silicone. But you can’t get rid of them after the silicone has started to harden… Don’t be discouraged it takes time to get good at siliconing a yoyo. Just keep it up.

The problem is it gets big but doesn’t get small again, I unfortunately learned this the hard way.

What are you talking about?

He’s saying that when lubing a bearing and you spill some of the lube on the silicone, the silicone acts as a sponge and absorbs the lube and expands, and it doesn’t seem to come out so it won’t return to it’s original size so it will come out sooner do to it being to big for the recess to hold.


An alternative would be to get some replacement silicone response from Yoyojam. This would save you the trouble of having to silicone it yourself.