Can Dark Magic 2 take flowable silicone?

I am not sure if I should buy flowable silicone or not because I don’t know if it will work on my yoyo.

yes. as long as you do it well.

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You can sili a DM2 even if you do a horrible job. Doing it well doesn’t matter. :slight_smile:

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as long as if the person takes out all of the excess silicone and not get some of it in the bearing seat or around the yoyo.

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Well, a horrible job can make it wear out in a few throws or make it very responsive.

Yes, you can definatley silicone a DM2. It’s deep enough.

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Thanks everyone! Time to buy some silicone.

you cant your dm2 will melt trust me i did it lol

Jose, what the HECK are you TALKING about…

ouch u didnt get that it was a joke lol well its not ur dm2 is melted hahahahah evil ;D

i meant, thats on the impossible side…

Yeah I used the same adhesive you put down for a shower insert. Works great to.

If you’re going to use the same stuff you’re using for a shower insert, use the stuff that doesn’t set-up fast. I got this stuff a couple of weeks ago to seal a shower, and the stuff was setting up almost as soon as it came out of the tube.

I have this tube of DAP, and that stuff doesn’t set up so fast. It also cleans up with water, which is why I dislike it for sealing a shower or sink, because unless you can guarantee it’s dry as the Sahara, it’s gonna start to come up. I just replaced the DAP stuff with the stuff I got above.

I would think for a yoyo, the DAP stuff would be fine. Flowable? Doesn’t seem very flowable either way. Comes out thick, stays on thick. Cut the opening as small as you can and really push it in there all the way around in ONE PASS, wait a minute and then remove the excess. Let cure overnight, minimum of 12 hours, 24 is better, but read the instructions.

Have the DAP over a year and a half since opened. Still can squeeze out. All I did was cap it, nothing special. I must be lucky. I used it last week to re-secure an interface module into a drive enclosure since the cheap hot glue didn’t do it’s job.
I’m lazy. I just bought 3 sets of replacement pads for my DM2. that should last me a good long while. When those wear out, I’ll go get more.