Dark Magic 2 response pads acting... strange.


So one of the response pads for my DMII lost pretty much all of its adhesiveness and fell right off, so I decided to replace it and the other one (thinking it would probable die fairly soon if the other one did, as they both came stock). So I put on the 2 pads that came with it. But, but, now, the yoyo is extremely un-responsive. It ‘slips’ out when I throw it, and it’s pretty tough to bind (still possible, but it ‘slips’ about 50% of the time). I thought when new response pads were put in, they were supposed to be more responsive then less. Maybe it’s the opposite though, and they need ‘breaking in’ time.

Also, on an unrelated note, I keep seeing posts that say something like ‘I can’t get the bearing out’ or see bearing removal tools in the store. The bearing in my DMII is really quite loose, and I dunno if it’s supposed to be like that, or I broke it/set it up wrong. Just wanted to clarify these issues heh.

Thanks :smiley:


You ordered replacement pads when you ordered the yoyo?

I haven’t worn out that many yoyo response pads yet. I bought a Bassalope recently and the response was just shot and wore through when I was checking stuff out. No big deal, I had Duncan 12mm Silicone Pads I ordered from YYE a couple of weeks earlier. I put the new pads in, problem solved.

I do also have a DM2, but I’m still on the factory installed responses.

My experience is a new “un-responsive” yoyo comes responsive, what with a new bearing and new response pads. Both of these items need to be broken in or else the yoyo will be more responsive than desired. But your problem is the complete opposite. So, I’m confused. I can’t see how breaking in a response pad would make it MORE responsive, but hey I am still learning stuff myself.

I’m wondering if you used the wrong pads?

Another idea is that this yoyo is compatible with flowable silicone, so you could use that or another type of RTV silicone. So you have options.

On your unrelated note regarding how tight your bearing is in the seat:
Mine is very loose as well. So is my Speeder 2. I got some other YYJ items I want to order from YYE soon. I bet they may be the same way. The way I see it, this is normal for YYJ yoyos.


Yeah, I ordered some with the yoyo.

When I changed the ones on my Metal Zero, it became more responsive. So I really don’t know what’s up.
I made sure I ordered the right response pads as well… They certainly fit, and look the same. Hum… It is quite weird.


Oh dear. I’m really feeling like an idiot…
I just looked at the shop page for the silicone response pads, and I DID NOT KNOW that one side was peel and stick >.< So apparantly the “peeling and stick” side was facing outwards, and the silicone side was stuck to the body… Ugh. Wow. Masssive fail hahahaha.


Yeah, happens to all of us :wink:

On the bearing issue, the bearing fits loose on the new models with the solid spin axle. that is normal for these. On older YYJ yoyos and a lot of others they fit tight.


I say leave it. You’ll eventually wear the backing off and then expose the adhesive. Wow, talk about a grippy, snappy bind then!

Flip it around and get back to throwing!


im just suprised it came back at all