Snaggy yoyo


The stock response system in my DM II fell off so I replaced it with YoyoJam silicone pads, which should be the same as stock ones, right? Once I applied them (they fit in nicely), DM II turned from dead smooth unresponsive yoyo to really snaggy one. It doesn’t come back just by tugging it, but during some tricks (for example finger grind and popping out from green triangle) it winds up and smashes my hand. Binds also aren’t nearly as smooth as before.

Any suggestions?


Did you put the response pad in sticky side down? Not too long ago, someone made this mistake.

Also, new response pads can be a bit “aggressive” as you break them in.


How long has it been in there? Could it just need some breaking in?


Break in the response. A new response can be a little more grippy.



I know it should break in eventually but it doesn’t seem to happen yet, is there any way to speed that process up or something?


You could rub it down with some denim or other similar durable(yet a bit abrasive) fabric.

Really, the best way is to just play it out.


Play more and the response will break in faster.