HELP! dv888 response

Okay, I bought a dv888 from leecos187. Its one of the older ones…not sure what year though:( and one of the silicone response sides came out. so, i went to shop on yye and found all of the replacement silicone…heres my problem:I am not sure what size to buy:( I love my dv888 but it wont bind as tight without the other side…so please give meh some suggestions!!! (It says there small,medium,and large pads?)

Step 1: Ask Andre
Step 2: Do whatever Andre says
Step 3: …


Dv888 Older Version Pre Dec 2009 Used Grind Machine Size Pad (Medium)

Click on “Choose your version”

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Yo know, Andre? Ahhhh he’s not important. He only made yoyoexpert.

sorry,I am new to the site…I know who he is,just didn’t know he made it…thats cool! And thank you so much Ley!!

jtman526, There are plenty of people here that can give the answers to these questions. That is why we are here. If it’s the older then the 888 size pads will fit. slim.

If you don’t want to worry about the size being just perfect, and if you don’t want to wait for shipping, and if you are comfortable siliconing your own yo-yo…

Search for how to silicone a yo-yo (on here and maybe in youtube). Then buy a tube of flowable silicone and do it like the tutorials say.


Well, I make all my orders over the phone so it’s just easier for me to ask him about the product when I call. Totally understand where you’re coming from though. My apologies.