i was wondering what size k pad to get for my dv888 and PGM please answer soon and tell me were i can get them.

PGM’s take PGM sized K-Pad. :stuck_out_tongue:

And Dv888’s, I think they take eight8eight sized K-Pads.

YoYoFactory K-Pad. That’s all I saw on the shop thing.

The k-pad you want is the grind machine size on this website.


Dv888’s do NOT take eight|8|eight sized K-Pads.

what do dv888 yoyos take then tell me please

Plastic Grind Machine sized.

spencer are you positive that a dv888 yoyo will take pgm sized k pads

well I think soo

Yes the Dv888 will take the PGM sized k-pads.
Look at the description on this website.
“Available in two sizes - one that fits 888 size grooves and the other that fits the Plastic Grind Machine and FundaMETAL yo-yos (Dv888, Hectic, Frantic).”


Do you need to put k-pads in a LB dv888? Cause I just bought one, and I don’t feel like maintaining it.

Yeah you do SR.
But, I’m sure you can put flowable silicone in there.

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So you HAVE to maintain it? I don’t feel like paying any money to keep my yo-yo running smooth. When do the pads wear out?

Yes you have to maintain it. It will wear out depending how much you use it.

If you do not wish to maintain it, then metals aren’t for you.

Yeah, K-pads last quite a while.

I just bough my dv888 which should be here today. Howmuch are the pads and where do you find them and how do you replace them? I guess i’ll maintain my dv888 because I need this yo-yo to last till x-mas because i’m not allowed to get any more till christmas so…

Oh I see where they are… THOSE ARE CHEAP. I can just get those. I can maintain I guess. I’ll just need a bit of help.

Well all you have to do is when one is worn out, just stick new ones in.