Should I Really? updated

it looks like im getting a dv888 on the weekend or a little later, well ordering it
and i am not sure if i should get something else, i have enough money to get it
so i think, WHY NOT?
but if i do get it what else do i need
its my frst metal yoyo and all i have is a hitman now and i need something better:)
but any way
should i really get it???

For a metal, all you need is that, and possibly some new pads because they can wear kinda fast. K-Pads are aiight, and if you’re low on strings, then get some.

I think this thread can be closed now because you got the best info already.

Ya I Will!
but is their anyhin else besides kpads that fit a DV888?

Im not too sure about silicone, I don’t know if the groove is deep enough. K-pads are fine.

A lot of people use silicone (RTV/flowable) in Dv888s.


Silicone. Plays much better in my Dv888 then K-Pads, IMO.

I don’t know why you made another topic for another question, but the only thing you would need is response replacement, such as more k-pads or flowable/RTV silicone. Both of those silicone tubes can be found at hardware/car parts stores.

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okay… lube? what would that do??
im not sure what any of that stuff is and if you can get it from this site
is there anything ellse that i can get from yye?
or is all that stuff from other places? and where?
write bakk

thin lube i sold here.
not sure about k-pads, but i think you can get 'em from yye.
Apetrunk has said where to get silicone.

yes but would i just take out the kpadds and put in he lube?
how would that work?

Thin lube is made to help maintain your bearings. It keeps them from overheating and thus makes them last much longer.

The silicone is the other response system. Yes, you would just take the k-pad out, put the flowable or RTV silicone in where the k-pads were, and let it dry for 24 hours. However, I would suggest trying the k-pads first. You might like them.

so RTV or whatever is found at hardware stores and stuff?
is it just like a tube of stuff that is used as a response and you can take it out?
how does it dry and do you just squeeze it in the kpad groove?
help! ???

Yes; yes; it dries by just letting it sit out, similar to glue drying; and yes you just squeeze it into the groove.

Can we not make up our mind, LD1996? You keep changing what you want, like before this it was a PGM, and before that I don’t remember. Please don’t switch on us agian. :wink: Now, all you need to be set is 1 dv888, a couple sets of K-Pads, bulk string, and lube. Now you are all set… you can buy it now.