Help with DV888 rubbing against string


Hello! Im new here. Anyways, I own a DV888 yoyo, which is the only metal responsive yoyo I could find. It is epic. For the most basic tricks its fine. However, when I try to land the yoyo on the string (for instance: man on flying trapeze) the yoyo slows down really fast, and occasionally catches on the second string causing the yoyo to hit me. I thought this was normal. I purchased my brother a Sage yoyo (because I am a cheapskate) which is a standard responsive plastic yoyo, and tried out Double or Nothing. Lo and behold, it worked like a charm. No slowdown, no catching, no nothing. I examined the differences. The Sages response pads didn’t stick out like the DV888’s replacement response pads (I got replacements), and yet was still responsive. I could just purchase a sage, but I really like metal, so does anyone have any tips to make the DV888 not rub against the string during string tricks? I do lube it with thick lube. Am I using to much? Did I get the wrong response pads?

Thanks in advance! I look forward to getting into unresponsive play (once I can do basic string tricks)

TLDR; DV888 yoyo is rubbing against string during string tricks, making it slow down a ton. Help!


First, throw your lube in the far back of a drawer you never use - for proper storage.

Then clean the bearing


First off, thanks for responding so quickly.
Second, when I try to do a string trick, I can hear and feel the friction between the yoyo and the string, wheres when I simply throw the yoyo nothing special happens. Therefore, I feel the problem is in the response pads or string, and not with the bearing. I will clean the bearing as recommended though, and see if that helps. If it does, I will take back what I just said.
Thanks again




You might want to get slim pads for the DV888. The beginner pads that come stock stick out and can cause more friction on the string, standard size slim pads will sit flush.


So I cleaned the bearing, and it still caught and had much friction during string tricks (although it spun longer regularly) so I will be purchasing the correct response pads. Thanks for your responses guys!


Not sure what Garrett’s talking about - none of the dv888’s I’ve got came stock with pads that stick out.
Response pads should never exceed the inside surface. If your’s are, I would either replace with the proper size or flow some new ones in.


Yes!!! Started the same way. Get some lighter fluid and a small glass and soak it for 15 minutes. Let it dry for 15 after, spin on a pencil to make sure it’s running smooth. Also, with lube watch yoyotricks video about how to properly clean and lube. Using two drops can be too much. And thick for responsive is correct. ALSO side note, when you go from the dv888 to anything else, your catch range literally almost doubles. I try the 888 when I get too cocky to knock myself down haha, it’s hard but super rewarding. Best of luck!


Do I post pictures like this? This is the response pads on the yoyo (pre new ones im ordering)

EDIT: Lol came out sideways. You get the picture (no pun intended)


YoYoFactory has been using their thicker green beginner pads in the One and DV888 to make them more responsive and beginner friendly. They make it much easier to get your basic throw down, but once you move to different beginner/intermediate tricks they can become a hindrance.


^^^Hahaha…I would rip those out the second I saw them for fear of smashing my knuckles or forehead


Inserted correct response pads, works like a charm. Thanks everybody!


All new DV888s come with pads that stick out quite a bit.

As to whether they should be making new DV888s, well, you’ll get no argument from me on that :wink: