so i started to hear that XconVicts are really good, but my old one is responsive unless i loosen it really far. in fact, so far that if i unscrew it any further, the string will fall of the bearing. i lubed my bearing with out cleaning it, but i was thinking i might have to clean it before i lube it so the lube wouldn’t just add up.

My DV888 sometimes comes back to my hand when i do a finger grind. usually i just need to adjust the string tension, but this happens so often, even if the string is only a little tight, that i think there might something else involved. i did the same with the bearing

i just got a Dif-e-Yo GTO-F (came with a KK)for my Bday. it came responsive, and i cant unscrew the yoyo. i have only thrown it 4 times. also i noticed that there is no thunk when the yoyo hits the bottom of the string. it is interesting, yet i still like the thunk, because i can tell how well my throw was. is there any thing i can do to bring back a thunk. and i dont know if there are weight rings in it. it is fairly heavy and there are blue rings in it and there was no rings in the package so i assume so.

BREATH* that was a long post and a lot of problems.

You need to break in the bearings.

did you lube your Dv888? i’ve heard that if you do that it makes it more responsive, no matter what the lube is. same with cleaning it.

Either buy conkaves for all of 'em
or break in the bearings…

KonKaves don’t make a yoyo less responsive thana regular bearing ussually, maybe a little but it won’t be super noticable.

Just break them in.

You could always sand down the response. Unless its flush. But if it has a stare burst responds or an O-ring, then you can sand it down to make it less responsive. But other then that just as the guys said, Break in those bearing. Later.

Keep it spinning™

my DV888 and Xcon are broken in, but i just got my GTO-T. i did lube my DV888 which fixed another problem i had, and i will sand down the Xcon’s response.

If your still not satisfied with your x-convict after shaving the response,
I recommend buying either Tez-o-ring by taka (found at
or YYJ silicone stickers (found here at yoyoexpert :D)
HOpe this helps ya!


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Please don’t recommend other stores, very rude. Also i pressed the wrong button so i didn’t mean to give you a thank you :-\


Lol thanks for the tip i’ve heard that before.
Just got it wrong.
BUt just 1 thing.
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YYE doesn’t sell the product, so its fine.

YYE doesn’t sell the product, so its fine.
They’re are trying to get business here, not to give other stores business.

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well if they don’t sell it, they cant really make a profit so i think it is ok to mention other stores on the forums, but that is my opinion and really it only matters to Andre.

They’re are trying to get business here, not to give other stores business.
I’m well aware of that.

The thing is, if YYE doesn’t sell the product, how are we taking buisiness away from them?

The rules say you CAN link to other stores as long as YYE doesn’t sell the product, and YYE doesn’t.

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Paolo is right. Although eventually YYE will sell everything and then there will be no cussing. lol

I don’t think that sanding down your o-rings is the answer. I have o-ring response yoyo’s that are perfectly unresponsive with both o-rings in. Get your bearing clean and very lightly thin lubed and see if that rocks your boat.