Help with XconVict.


I have an XconVict and i wanted to make it less responsive so i shaved down the o-rings and it got more responsive ??? I evan fliped it over so it was the rounded side just flatter and it’s still responsive, it’s not like super responsive it’s just enough to be anoying.

aney suggestions?



less responsive? not fully unresponsive?
how about try some thinner string


Did you try to clean the bearing?


Ya i cleaned the bearing but the bearing has always bean sort of wierd, but the yoyo wasn’t like this till i shaved the o-rings.


Just play with it for a while. Break into the o-rings, just play for a few hours. The o-ring’s surface probably isn’t smooth, its probably very bumpy and rough because you just shaved it, so its more responsive.

(VincentD) #6

Make sure there aren’t any oring shavings in the gap, clean the bearing, and put on a new string.

(Cinimod105) #7

Why not you silicone recess your x-convict? fter doing that and playing with it for a while, it would be less responsive.
O-rings are more durable, so it woud probably be harder to break into, I suppose.

(Ryan) #8

lol i had the same problem as you before and figured out that i didnt shave the oring enough so there still some pieces of oringsticking out and when you play it some oring will get to your bearing and make it responsive so like you said after you clean it its still responsive because when you put the bearing back inside and play it the oring goes inside again and make it responsive…
i suggest you to take out the oring asnd use silicone insdtead and you might want to clean your bearing again…

sorry if my grammar or spelling is wrong im in a rush right now…

Hope i help!