YYJ X-ConVict Help!!

Ok i just bought and recieved a YYJ X-Convict Black Yoyo. and i took the black soft pads on the inside of the yoyo out and i was wondering if i needed those in. because i took them out with a knife and theres nothing in the yoyo except a string and the bearing. so please help and tell me if i need the black 0 shaped rings in my yoyo to keep it from breaking or whatever… thanks :-X

The are to make your yoyo responsive
Throw a sleeper, then try to get it back up. If the are in your string will grab the ruber circles and shoot up

Also you can watch this


Hope it helps

thanks so if i want a tottaly unresponsive yoyo i can take the orings out and it wont hurt anything

No, it shouldnt

Actually, if you want to make it unresponsive, use thin lube and flowable silicone or silicone pads. If you don’t have a response, it won’t come up at all or have a hard time binding.

True, even a little is needed, if you take everything off it wont even bind.

Yup, it will play unresponsive even with the o-rings. You can play unresponsive after playing a while and letting the bearing break in. To break into the bearing, just play hardcore until you hear it start making noise. Then its broken in.

You will need at least 1 of them inside, or else the thing won’t even wind up properly.

I don’t really see the need in taking out the o-rings. Just keep them in until they wear out. I really like the o-ring that YYJ uses. If you keep them in, they will wear in with the bearing. After that they give just the response you want. Of course, YYJ silicone is an upgrade. So feel free to get it when you are tired or wear out the o-rings.

Addment: YYJ o-ring is great. You can use pads, rings and flowable silicone. A nice system.

o-rings wont wear out for a long time though, keep that in mind.

That’s one of the good things :slight_smile:

when i first got my x-con i had the same problem. i took out the black o-rings and replaced them with silicone. now it plays much much better. i would suggest doing this.

I play my vict with shaved ghost pads and they work great and have lasted a long time

i would just keep them in if i got 1

i have 1 and i really dont like it it way to respinsive to me
im stickin’ wit my mini motu it kicks butt!

Or, you can break in the bearing and cut the o-rings so that it is flush with the yoyo. This will make is quite unresponsive.

There is no need to vut those O-rings down. If you choose to break in your bearing instead of cleaning it, you will break in the O-rings as well. If you think it’s going to slow you can just put in some really thick string to wear them down faster. But it shouldn’t take too long to break it in. I really don’t get why people shave their O-rings. You will get it unresponsive a bit faster, but you won’t get the same result you get when you break it in. And a semi-responsive yoyo is not too bad.