X-convict advice


So yesterday my X-convict arrived. It’s a very nice yoyo, although the double o-ring response system is a bit responsive and when there are multiple layers of string inside the o-rings really slow down the yoyo a lot… Should i do something about it, or will the o-rings break in by using them ??
I already added 1 red shim on both sides of the bearing…

I think my options are :

  1. do nothing (maybe use a bit of thin lube on the bearing, although it spins rather good) and break in the response system
  2. shave the O-rings (or maybe shave 1 of the 2 ???)
  3. just remove one of the O-rings (would this work?)
  4. sillicone the groove (skeptical about this one, i don’t have any sillicon and i don’t wanna ruin my yoyo)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


schmove the orings…that is what i did to my x-convict to be unresponsive;)


Shaving the o-rings and schmooving are two very different things, Andrew.

memorex, breaking everything in will help, shaving the o-rings will help more, and siliconing the yo-yo will help the most.

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or you could just buy some shims… two thick shims will make it dead unresponsive.




My advice would be shave it or sillicone it, both will help significantly


I add 2 red shim and silicone the response in my x-convict.
Work great


I hate O rings. Just silicone it, you’ll need to probably learn how eventually.

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Shaving the O-rings --> fast solution
Breaking in everything else --> takes longer but in my opinion better because it’s safer than doing a one-shot irreversible mod


So if I shave the O-rings, and it goes wrong, i could get some new o-rings somewhere and replace them right?

Anyways, I think i’ll play with it for at least a week, see how it plays then, cause after a couple of hours of play, it’s already a bit less grabby :slight_smile:

Also, like i said i’ve use one red shim on either side of the bearing. Kristiawan said he has 2 shims in it, doe you mean 2 shims on each side of the bearing, making it 4 in total? Would this make the gap too wide and the string to get caught between the yoyo and the bearing?..

Thanks for the advice everybody !


shave it is what i wanted to say…but i don’t speak english to well…


I use 2 just the same way you put it on yours (one on each side of the bearing)
It work best this way imo.
O-ring work great after they brak in, the only thing i don’t like about them is they stick out of the flush, and somewhat narrowing the gap a little bit.


another thing u could do is buy the silicone pads from yyj for $3 and put them in to replace the o-rings. If u dont like it u can put in the o-rings back but they should fit anyways.