what should i do???

Hi guys,
i bought a x-convict the other day and it came today. i am finding it really really responsive. what can i do to make it unresponsive.i have replaced the string and that has helped a little. would you suggest cutting the o-rings down?? i originally had a legacy and i liked the responsiveness of that, but obviously that has silicone pads response system. i dont really want to have to buy silicone pads coz i really wanna play wiv it now, iv been waiting ages for it.
can you guys help??

Cutting the o-ring flush will definately help. I recommend flowable silicone though. If ur going to cut the o-rings flush use a Sharp stanley knife, it will turn out much neater than hacking at it with a blunt one (trust me, /i know from experience). If ur young get ur mum or dad to do it :wink:

I have an x-convict and mine was pretty responsive out of the box, so just play with it once the o-rings break in it should be pretty unresponsive. You said you don’t want to but you should look into buying silicon response i have and i like my convict even more. And if all else fails you could put a couple drops of yyj thin lube on the bearing.
hope it helps

You can try to clean the bearing or play with it for some time to let it break in.

thanx guys

That’s how mine came too. I changed the response to silicone and lubed the bearing. Hope that helps!

how long does it normally take for silicone to dry. i have siliconed it and put it under a lamp?

You’ll probably want to wait at least 24 hours to let the silicone cure fully.

My silicone cures really fast. I think that it’s because i have gotten a type of silicone which you almost cant call flowable. Yes it is in a tube, and yes i can sqeeze it out, but it is stiff. But even though my silicone cures fast, I always let it sit for atleast 24 hours. I use building-silicone, and I would say that a lot of people would use it as an adhesive, because it is.

Cure time would vary with every type of silicone. But the thing that they all have in common, is that the cure time is written on the package. I suggest that you don’t trust that cure time. Mine says 6 hours. And although it’s cured after 6 hours, I let it stay for 24. So go for the cure time, then add a couple of hours to it.

Addment: I take the cure time and compare it to my bed time. I fill in the goop so that the cure time on the package will be gone when I go to bed. Then when I wake up, I leave my yoyo and use it when I come home.

Clean the bearing with hydrogen peroxide!

Don’t. Has water in it. It will eventually rust.

might get a x-convict, tell me what its like when u get an idea.

That’s why you dry it?

i love the shape and feel of it, the weight seems spot on for me but that is just my preference. i still need to break it in as i only got it yesterday and it isnt sleeping that long, im thinking of investing in a konkave bearing next week.

even though its still new and i havnt properly got used to it, i would recommend it. my friend has a DM and got a Audley L3 yesterday. he likes it alot. especially the look of it. i went for the white with the really funky caps. it looks smooth.

ill keep you updated once it has been broken in

I just thought of it! Take the silicone from your legacy and move it to the x-con.

thats what i did and it works much better. i though of it when i posted my last comment.
thanks though

It still is going to make it more likely to rust.