My YoYo has gone back to responsive - Need advice

My Xconvict started off responsive when I first got it, after about a week it became unresponsive and I got used to binding. I bought the clear silicone orings and put them in my YoYo, hoping to make my yoyo even less responsive and sleep longer. But now my YoYo is nearly as responsive as when I first got it and it doesn’t seem to be sleeping as long.

Just incase you need to know:
I use 100% poly strings [highlites]
Both the rubber and silicone stuck out slightly but they were pushed in properly
I’ve adjusted the gap to make it wider.

Any ideas why it’s playing so responsive and sleeping less now?

Did this happen right after you put in the slicone? If so, you might just need to play it in a bit, bu I am not sure if this goes for YYJ silicone. If this is not the situation, you might have some dirt in your bearing. Try cleaning it and see if that works out.

Addment: I can’t think of one.

I had the same prob with my Legacy.

For some reason, silicone flush responses are really responsive. Try the following:

  1. Break in the Silicone; eventually it will turn black

  2. Lube

3.Adjust the gap to the widest

Not nessecarily(Spelling¿?), it doesnt have to turn black. But eventually you will break into it and it will become unresponsive. Just play with it for a while and wear into it. Oh and heed pheenix’s advice and clean your bearing.

Yeah. You need to break in the silicone. Thats the most probable reason.

My broken in Silicone turned black. My metal’s silicone turned dark after it was broken in. THat might give some incentive

I would agree with the above and break in your silicone respone. It might take a while but eventually it will happen. Also you could try some thin lube.

When breaking in that silicone, use thick (cotton if you want to) to make that silicone surface unresponsive.

But you still can’t make that generalization. No silicone of mine has turned black.

none of my silicone turned black either, mabye there might be someting wrong withe your silicone? :o

Maybe it’s just dirt or colour from string. As long as it plays nice, don’t care about it.

Whatever, the blackness made it turned unresponsive on my Legacy