Siliconed protostar responsive!

I siliconed my yoyo yesterday, waited the 24 hours and was really excited to see how it turned out. I picked it up today and i threw it. It sounded normal and felt normal. But then, i went to do a plastic whip and it came back to my hands! I threw it a few more times and it was still responsive! So i took it apart again and made sure there was no extra silicone in the spacer seats, then put it back together and threw it again, but it was still responsive. How do you make it unresponsive again? Is thos normal?

Yes. Your sili needs to break in. Play with it for a while.

Is there any specific thing i should do? And its really really responsive. Almost as much as my yoyojam journey.

Clean your bearing or replace it with a new one. But play with it for a while to break the silicone in.

You can also rub the silicone on some jeans that should wear them down a little

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The sili will wear down with play. Just throw for a good while and it will become less and less responsive.

Ya i find that its getting more and more unresponsive.

Its getting reallly unresponsive now. Everythings working out. Thanks guys!