Silicone problem

Hi guys. Now I tried to do some siliconing with my Yuuksta and it came pretty good I think but somehow when I throw it it became semi responsive if I tug it hard it came back and if I don’t it won’t, and I already set it dry for a day. Maybe I just need to brake in the silicone or what?

Make sure your bearing seat is completely (and I mean 100%) free of any silicone residue. Little pieces will get into your bearing and ruin it.

If your bearing seat is clean, then just play it more. Sometimes flowable takes a little bit to break in so it’s not that unusual for it to be semi-responsive at first.

Hope this helped.

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Not that this is helping, but I’ve been able to tug return all my yoyos, including my DM2 with the non-responsive bearing installed(and broken in) and broken in response pads/rings. With a hard STRAIGHT tug, the odds are not too bad I can bring the yoyo back. However, I DO NOT recommend this because it tends to not come up nice and tight.

Then again, I’ve head that even response pads need to be broken in. Someone suggested rubbing them for a few minutes with some denim. I don’t have any denim clothing so I’ll have to find another durable cloth to use when I start siliconing my yoyos.

When I silicone my throws and they are semi responsive (most likely due to my less han perfect silicone job), after it properly dries I take a pair of jeans and rub on the response in circles for about 30 sec on each half. The denim wears down the response making it less responsive. Good luck!

^^^^^That’s a good idea. I never thought of that. Yeah unless you have a super deep recess, your throw generally will be semi-responsive til you break it in a bit.