Siliconed, Now Responsive?

Hey guys, recently I siliconed my PSG, and I played with it today and it is responsive! Ik people have had problems if you put it in both sides, so I took one side of the yoyos silicone out, but it is still responsive. Please help. If nobody can figure it out I’ve had enough of this yoyo, its given me enough headaches, and will be listing it on the B/S/T

Well, if the gap is too small, it ends up responsive. I actually silicone all my looping yoyos that have o-rings and it gives grippy but vibe-less response.

Okay there are a few things that could have caused this.

  1. You could have gotten some silicone in the bearing seat.

If that is the case then all you need to do is clean the bearing seat.

  1. You might not have smoothed the silicone out enough.

If there is bumps or dips in your silicone job it’ll be responsive. (Happened to me when I tried to silicone my 54 with the corner cut of the tube… Long story short silicone all over and I didn’t get enough in the groove leaving a dip.)

Unfortunately if this is the case you’re going to have to pull the silicone out or if it’s only a little rough you can just break it in a bit.

  1. It might not be the silicone that caused it might just be the bearing is breaking in at this time. (Unlikely but worth trying another bearing to see if that’s it.)

The PSG doesn’t have a narrow gap so this shouldn’t be the case.

Probably one of the above. Does the bearing spin for a while with a flick?

I like to silicone and run the corner of a credit card around to make it a little concave (using non-flowable). The same could be done with flowable that’s less than flush with the surface. Even so, I can still get a few throws with response until it’s broken in.

I also siliconed all 4 of mine because the binds were not tight at all. I used flowable and it was responsive so I just messed around with responsive 5tricks for an hour and it was awesome, unresponsive, with tight binds. So really all you need is to wait a little bit and it will be perfect.

I checked last night and the problem was mainly two things. The first one was I did get a bit in the bearing seat so I cleaned that out. The second one was it just need a bit more breaking in than I thought. After about 1.5-2 hours of play it is pretty much unresponsive. I do have another question for future referrence though. When you sili a yoyo, do you do both halves or one for unresponsive play?

I think it would be logical to do both. Although, my avalanche snow tires were super worn down on one side and other was fine and it was still binding like a dream. Plus if you don’t want the chance of slippy binds, just do both it is easier in the longrun.

Oh lol. Will it make a difference if their is only one? Because I took one out because I thought that might be a problem

Whenever I silicone my yoyos, they’re always responsive during the first few throws. But them they’re fine. How is it now?

unresponsive again… I have actually done four more throws since and they all turned out

I always sili both sides of the response. Because of the added response after a fresh sili job it will be more responsive than usual. Solutions:

  1. Just play with it for several minutes to wear down the response some.

  2. Take a pair of jeans and rub them over the fully dried sili for about 30 secs on both sides. Lazy man’s way to break it in.