X-ConVict Silicone

So I bought my X-ConVict about a month ago and I really like it. One of the only problems I have with it is that the double O-rings paired with a fairly narrow gap make it only semi-unresponsive. So when I am doing longer tricks the string is constatly rubbing against the rubber and slowing down and when I have 2-3 string segments in the gap it can sometimes shoot back up to my hand (highly annoying). I think that I have played with it enough to break in both the responce and the bearing and I have lubed it with thin lube (havn’t cleaned it yet). So I was thinking of just siliconing it but wasn’t such if the silicone affects plastic or something like that. Also, I is the recess deep enough to hold silicone?

Another thing, I havn’t done silicone so is there anything I need to know about doing it? How to avoid air bubbles? Even application? I found an old syringe that I figured I could use to get the silicone in. Anything else I should know? I was thinking of just shaving the O-rings but I figured I only get one try with that and if I mes up I have to wait and buy new O-rings. With Silicone I can try again if I mess up.

Yes you can put silicone in there. The recess is deep enough because it uses o-rings.

No, it won’t affect the plastic in any way.

When you got the silicone it should have come with a tip thing for it and I would suggest just using that. It’s probably easier than putting it in a syringe.

Just make sure to follow what a video says. Clean out the recess a bit, put it in there, let it dry, trim it down. Try to make sure to put some extra in so that there is enough to cut off.
This video shows using what looks like red RTV silicone, which is a bit harder to put in than flowable, but not too much. The only difference is that with this stuff you have to spread it around.

Just buy YoYoJam silicone o-rings. http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyojam/silicone/index.php

Take the rubber o-rings out, and put these in.

Those do not word too well in the X-Convict(IMO). Have you tried putting some shims in it? If you do not wish too, then I would recommend to silicone it. But you should definitely try shims first. ;D

well, I went ahead and siliconed it but two hours later the yoyo plastic MELTED!!!

JK, anyways, one of then siliconed fine (the second half) the first one… not so much I am prolly going to have to redo it. lol.

What is the best way to clean up the job at the end? There is a little silicone left in bearing housing and the X-Con has some indentations in the plastic and some silicone got in there. Do I let it set up first?

Also, do I remove od silicone the same way you remove O-rings? With a pin?

I would let it set up. makes it easier to remove. Those little circles that are mold marks, it won’t hurt if sili is in there. You will never notice it.

Yes, you can remove it with a pin if you can. I had some trouble removing my silicone so i had to use a knife.

did it come out in one piece or did you have to scrap it out?

I had to scrape it out sadly. Took me a while to get all of it out. But, it may be different for you.

Just a couple tips. If you have any trouble keeping the silicone in the recess for more than a couple days, try lightly sanding both recesses. This provides more friction between the otherwise extremely smooth plastic and silicone. Also, make sure the silicone cures for the full amount of time. 24 hours usually. Good luck.

Here is an excellent method for removing unwanted silicone in your bearing seat:

  1. Get some Mineral Spirits.
  2. Dip one side of a Q-Tip in the Mineral Spirits
  3. Rub the Q-Tip in the bearing seat all around on the silicone.
  4. Take the dry side of the Q-Tip, and go into the bearing seat to dry up the Mineral Spirits, and take out the silicone.

The Mineral Spirits will soften up the silicone, making it easier to take out.

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Is there any danger of Mineral Spirits damaging the plastic?

Actually, I’m pretty sure yes. I wouldn’t recommend using the mineral spirits unless you use it and dry it up quickly and completely so that you don’t risk melting the plastic.

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I’ve never had a problem with mineral spirits and plastic. Just use compressed air to spin/dry the bearing then lube it and you’ll be just fine.

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Read through this post, talks about the silicon.

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