O-Ring Vs Silicone? What Binds easyer?

Im not the best at binding a yoyo, I need it to be a tiny bit responsive. So tiny, that Binding a Plastic Grindmachine feels about right. The GM uses a K-Pad thats sunk in. But my New X-CONVICT!!!(Fanfare of victory, cuz the X-Convict is so badass) uses O-Rings. They seem responsive enough to tung the yoyo and get a return without a bind unless the yoyo is at its widest gap.

I was considering Silicone replacement and a KonKave Bearing. Would this make the yoyo a double bind return, or would a single bind return work?

I want the X-Convict just a bit less responsive, and have less tug when I feed lots of string to the Gap. What do you think?

I think if you got a KK it would be 1 binder (Broken in after couple of days)-- If you get Silicone i’d also be a 1 binder, but together it’s a 2 binder.


Silicone is actually supposed to provide unresponsiveness with tight snappy binds. A KK isnt really needed. I play all my YYJ’s with stock bearings. YYJ bearings, when properly broken in are the best IMO.

Also, quote from the guidelines:

So please to not swear, as you will be scolded for it :wink:

As Samad said, Silicone is supposed to provide unresponsive play while maintaining tight binds. I think this is true to a certain degree. Its really up to you. Some people like silcone better than O-rings and believe it or not im sure theres some people out there who like double starburst better than Silicone. Its all about what you want. Personally out of those two I would want Shaved O-ring or Silicone. Double O-rings are great once the bearing is broken in and the rings are worn in.

But like I said, its up to you.

I’ve been trying to read up on the silicone discussions. This is the impression I’m getting and I want to see if I’m getting this right:

  1. With silicone the yo-yo will spin with less friction against the string meaning longer spin times with string tricks.

  2. And with silicone it’s easier to bind.

Is this right?

To me it would seem you would have to have one or the other, less friction or easier to bind – not both.

A word or two of clarification would be appreciated.

Yes, and I would say yes. It doesn’t necessarily make it easier to bind, but it provides nice and tight binds nonetheless :wink:

While I’m pretty happy with my current response system, perhaps I’ll give this whole silicone thing a try some time.

And hey, if it turns out not to be for me I’ll use the rest to fix my drafty windows.

that would be me =) im fine with just bout any response system but ive found to like double star the best. once again preference. and silicon has better friction which is why its usually flush with the rest of the yoyo but orings work just about as well. but the best option that i would recommend to you is just practice your binds. you said you have a PGM and thats good for you so practice it a while (do some other tricks sometimes too) and then when you get it consistently make the gap a lil bigger (shims, another yoyo with a lil wider gap, another yoyo with an adjustable gap, etc.) until you can do it with an adjustable gap all the way loosened

Can I ask is there a video that gives enough info on how to do a tight bind with a wide gap like a shimmed or adjustable gap cause with a bearing 1/4" x 1/2" x 3/16" and a recessed k pads sorry but I find that hard enough . I don’t have any players to help me in this corner of the world other than u tube.

Well, if you use thick string, that can help. Also, try using a larger loop when you bind :slight_smile:

To add on, what part in Canada are you in?

with my 888 i’m loving the silicone response more than my DMs o-ring+starburst because of the tight binds that literally catch me off guard sometimes. i’m wondering when they need to be replaced and what are k-pads?

Silicone in general lasts a very long time. If you play constantly and harshly, three months minimum. And K-pads and Kentaro Pads which are texturized rubber.

K-pads are actually silicone versions of Kentaro Pads.

Oh. hahaha. I’ve always thought they were the same. Must have learned wrong. Thanks Kim-lan!