To silicone or not to silicone

well i have a dv888, with a center trac bearing. Ive noticed with the stock flat bearing in it the binds are perfect, but with this centertrac bearings the bind does slip a bit, which is expected. Anyways ive came to the point in yoyoing were im comfortable with it 100%, i was thinking of siliconing it. Do yall think thats a good idea, or should i keep the k-pads in, Will the silicone act the same or do u think it will be the same? now as far as responsiveness im looking to have a completly unresponsive yoyo and the center trac bearing does it. but idk if silicone will help with the binds and what not, also i know one drop has clear silicone pads, do u think they would work. thanks in advance.

Siliconing the yoyo will normally make it unresponsive. But if I were you, I would NEVER replace or take out the k-pads unless they wear out.
As you know, there are many defects that may happen if you silicone it.

so if anything, when it comes time, just replace the k-pads? dont silicone it, do they have any silicone pads that are the same size as the k-pads?

Well, I would silicone it if they wear out. But I would never change k-pad with silicone. Like I would choose K-Pad over silicone. If it wears out, silicone will work great. But as you see, my siliconing job didn’t work well…just me maybe… :’(

Siliconing does not in itself make the yoyo unresponsive. The condition of the bearing is the driving factor. Prove it to yourself by lubing the bearing in a sili’d yoyo. It will be tug responsive. I can make a FHZ w/stickers or a YYJ HM with o-rings to be very unresponsive just by cleaning the bearing properly. Replacing friction stickers with Duncan sili pads does not make a FHZ unresponsive.

Agreed on that.

i may have not explained that correct? im not worried about being unresponsive/responsive, i have a center trac which i cleaned and put some thin lube on, so its unresponsive, and i did the same thing with my flat bearing. Im fine with that, im concerned with the the fact that my binds slip, all i wanted to know was when the k-pads wear out, if i was to replace them with silicone would that help? would the silicon help with the binds and what not.

So which is it then?? :wink:

pretty much should i just replace my k-pads or should i silicone it? what is better and why? with the center trac bearing the binds tend to slip time to time.

If the K-pads are working fine for you, there’s really no reason to switch to silicone.
If and when the K-pads wear down, give silicone a try, and if you don’t like it, it takes 5 minutes to take it out and replace the k-pads.

The problem is that K-Pads are much more expensive. A set of K-Pads are few dollars while you ca buy a 7-8 dollar silicone tube and replace your yoyo’s response a 40-50 times. Siliconing, for me, makes the yoyo normal no different response and what not. K-Pads are ok but just expensive and you’ve got to wait for the shipping etc…

If you get K-Pads are great but only if you aren’t on budget.

As for jhb8426, I was saying this: A bad siliconing job, like me, would end up responsive.
Normally, somehow, other people silicone their yoyo’s with ease of unresponsiveness.