Anybody had this happen?

Well today I noticed all of my yoyos are going out of service. My KLR pad fell out (only had one in) my PM Majesty silicone started shooting out of the yoyo while I was throwing and the my Zen 4 needs new pads because the old ones won’t bind since they are so worn and my genesis axle is stripped.
That leaves me with my Majesty v2 and My Cliff.
Anybody else had this happen before?

No I maintain all my yoyos

Yes, to fix this is two special word silicone and lowes

oh lord don’t speak of silicone because for some reason I cant do this to save my life it gets all over my bearing seat…

well get some q-tips,alcohol and a guitar pick and clean the excess sili and use the q-tips and alcohol to clean the bearing seat if sili gets in it(i have no problems with silicone also I use rtv silicone)

I’m a pad kind of a guy

I’m starting to dislike silicone more and more. I think pads are best.

I’m too lazy for silicone. Pads for me! Since I can’t be bothered with silicone, it somewhat limits what yoyos I’m willing to buy, which (depending on how you look at it) is either an advantage or a disadvantage.

I’m like OCD about how my yoyos are maintained. If I feel the slightest bit of slip in response starting to happen… Time for some new silicone. Though, I can honestly say I don’t fuss over bearings anymore like I did when I was a noob. I haven’t cleaned a bearing in…phew, MONTHS. There’s really no need unless it’s seized up or obviously has something in it.
But I have to have absolutely perfect response at all times.

This is my opinion for forgive if I get my information wrong.

I like pads but I hate how they’re priced. For example snow tires for $4. 19mm slim pads for $2.20. Some times they dont even last that long. If your lazy or bad at using flowable silicone use pads

I like flowable silicone for a couple of reasons. A tube is $5. You can sillcone tons of yoyos. Pads on the other hand it like $3-5 for 1 pair (unless its One drop flow pads). Flowable has a nice response but it can make a mess. And you have to recess it other wise it may be to responsive and you might have to start over again. Plus you have to wait 24 hours to cure and dry.

So it really up to you. unreasonably priced pads that are quick to use with no mess what so ever and have a really nice response.

Or Flowable that is ready to use. Risk of making a mess. You didn’t recess it and it will be to responsive and you have to start over.

So it really up to you. I perfer flowable.

I ended up siliconing it made a huge mess but it’s no big deal :wink: still prefer pads…

You probably didn’t let the silicone dry for long enough. Also, send the Genesis to Landon for retapping, and be more careful when screwing your yoyos together.

Sometimes that happens to me, but it hasnt happened recently because I try to make all my yoyos parts preform to their optimal capacity as long as possible, and if they start losin it, I change the parts out for new ones.

In the case of bearings, I just clean the bearing and then let it sit for about a month, and then put it back into action.

it was just the 12mm axle the inside is fine I tried another axle it screwed in fine just not the right size

Yeah I normaly go through all my yoyos till I only have one or two playable ones then I fix all them and start over.

You don’t have to recess it. I make mine perfectly flush with the edges and it plays perfectly. I also use center trac bearings too. Silicone is by far the most reliable option. Though I do keep a few sets of pads just in case I run out.

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Yup, the first time I tried to film a video, in all three of the yoyos I had, the response pads broke while filming. Not a happy time…

I mix it up, I put pads in my higher end yoyos, and the lower tier beaters I have I use flowable. I like flowable, but you need practice, and a nimble hand.

A nice tip for doing sili is don’t add a ton initially. Just dab some into the groove and take a credit card and scrape it around and push the overflow back into the groove. Don’t add a thick bead all the way around the groove, just keep adding little amounts as needed.

Whenever I’ve tried siliconeing my yoyo, the silicone comes out within half an hour. Pads for me.