silicone and bearings

ok i have 2 qustions

1.) i siliconed my icon which has that really shallow hspin silicone grove
it stayed in for likr 5 min then fell out
i used red rvt silicone
let it cure for 24 hours
and it was a pretty good and it was flush
what happened and how do i fix it?

2.) almost every bearing i have had my bearing died
it either locked up, i thin lube it and it went responsive, even after cleaning
can i prevent this or do i have really nasty luck?

  1. It’s shallow and can’t accept flowable/gasket maker silicone without it falling out quickly. Get some pads.

  2. Where do you use your yoyos at? Anywhere that would have excessive amounts of moisture aren’t good places. Also, try cleaning it, lubing it, and playing with it for a while to break it in.

  1. sigh… ok

  2. well i live in ohio the wether is really stupid
    it isnt that humid or moist right now which is when all my bearing are deciding to crap up some are still playable
    also i have cleaned them and added 1 needled head of lube played then 1 drop and still responsive and sounded really weird

Lube of any kind makes the bearing more responsive. Play with it for at least a few days after lubing it.


yeah boy! you know it! :stuck_out_tongue:
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Then buy new ones.

This has worked for me. I live in Lousiana… very humid most of the time.
You’ll need: a jar, rubbing alcohol, plastic chopstick or hair stick, canned air duster… and 5 or ten minutes. Also, if you haven’t already, remove the dust covers from your bearings and throw them in the trash. You should be able to find a tutorial on removing the covers…it’s kind of a pain but it makes them easier to clean more often.

  1. Pour some alcohol into your clean jar. (enough to submerse your bearing)
  2. Drop your bearing into the jar
  3. Swizzle it around using your plastic chopstick
  4. Soak for 10 or 15 minutes (optional)
  5. Remove bearing with your chopstick
  6. With your bearing skewered on your chopstick, blow off the excess alcohol with the canned air duster. (that’s the fun part… it makes your bearing spin and go Zing Zing Zing! Your Roomates will ask you what was that noise…pretend you didn’t hear it and tell them that television is rotting their brain and they should pick up a fun hobby that challenges both their mind and their motor skills…like speedcubing…or Yo-Yoing. I digress…

After all that, put your Yo back together and don’t bother lubing your bearing. just run it dry, but keep it clean. If you start to notice it getting noisy or losing spin time after awhile, just run it through the wash again.

Also, experiment with some different bearings. you may stumble across a brand that makes you feel like you’ve got a new YoYo. Oh, but don’t bother spending the extra money on Ceramic. I did and I cannot tell the difference. Most of my bearings are original and in good shape.

Have Fun! I hope this was helpful!

oh and BTW… Can you get K-Pads for your Icon? I took out the pads in my Superstar and siliconed it last week… I kinda miss the Pads.

I use silicone on all my previous protostars and stayed in there preety well. Just silicone it properly and do not leave holes in it