I siliconed my yoyos yesterday and it was my first time. I was sure to not get any in the bearing seat. But now they are responsive and the sleep time has gone down by a lot and I dont know how to fix it please help. >:( :frowning:

Three things

  1. Is the silicone only in the recess? Is it outside the edge of the recess?
  2. Spin the bearing on its own. Does it feel gritty when you spin it?
  3. Keep playing it. The silicone needs to break in.

Sometimes, even when you don’t notice it, some bits of silicone might have been left behind, and got into the bearing. Try cleaning the bearing again and see if the problem is solved.

Did you remove the bearing before you started?

I always silicone under a bright light, and then do a final clean-up under the same bright light. This is so I can see if there is anything I need to concern myself with(such as dried silicone in the seat) before I put everything back together.

Okay thank you so much. I fixed 2 of my yoyos and cleaned and resiliconed one. :smiley: