The story..

So here it goes…

I remove the O-ring successfully.

Then pour silicone in it, (I started at 9:30 in the evening)

Then I play my speedmaker in the morning ( I think I only play it 20 min) even though the silicone is not fully in “24 hours” Is it okay?

Then, I lube the bearing, I put one drop each in the both sides of the bearing but It’s not yet Unresponsive.

and I’m waiting that the silicone that I’ve put in the groove will break in so that It won’t be responsive. (As gm user said. :D)

Any help?/Tips?

Its most likely your bearing, try cleaning it

You shouldn’t really put one drop of lube on each side of the bearing, you may have over-lubed it. If you clean it or play with it a bunch, it’ll turn back to normal. Next time, only put one drop of lube on the bearing.

Also, give the silicone some time to break it before it’s unresponsive. :wink:

Try cleaning your bearing as Mitch said.

But even if it is cleaned, it will be responsive if the silicone is not broken in.

Does the silicone will peel-off?
Or I will maintain to remove then apply silicone in it?

Make sure to let the silicone set all the way. After a while of playing with it (could be weeks, could be months) the silicone will start to be less grippy and have slippy binds. Then you will want to take it out and redo the process.

First, after you lube the bearing, you have to play with the yoyo a lot, so the lube doesn’t get all stuck up in the bearing.
The silicone response should break in after normal play…

This happened to me i think you had little pieces of silicone were your bearing sits in the middle of were the silicone is. and when you used your yoyo it came off and got stuck in your yoyo. Clean it then im not sure about lube but i know that you need to lube it.

Currently, It doesn’t have tight binds, and slightly responsive! :frowning:


Is the silicone flush with the rest of the yoyo? Flush as in level with it.

Im pretty sure he means dont have bumbps in the silicone right?

Not really…

he means if you take it apart, is it even with the yoyo, as in isnt sticking out at all, like a normal o-ring sticks out he wants to know if its like that or if its even with the rest of the yoyo. :-\

If the silicone is not level or below level, run a sharp xacto knife or razor blade over it to remove excess.

Other than that, may just need to keep playing it to get the lube to break down a bit (or if you can’t wait, re-clean the bearing with mineral spirits, dry it, then apply just a tiny drop of thin lube - like a drop hanging off the end of a pin, not straight from the lube bottle - to the bearing).

Obviously a cool guy right here.