Another Story.

So here it goes.

I clean the bearing, then I drop a thin lube using a needle. the lube was so cute, then I touch two balls in the bearing and spin it to make the lube go to the other balls, But It Isn’t unresponsive! (I remove the O-ring and I apply silicone in it, I dry the Silicone 24 hours, But i think it breaks in?)


Did you clean it properly? Are you using genuine YYJ thin lube?

I suggest just playing for a day or two, and see if anything happens. The sili probably needs to break in.

It doesn’t have to be genuine YYJ lube.

Tell us how you cleaned it and what kind of lube you used.

Also sometimes silicone will need to be broken in. It all depends on how well you applied it.

im just going to call it bad luck that it was bad at first but i think that if you use the yo for a day of good play that it may break in

Yeah, it won’t be unresponsive instantly. If it’s still like that a day or two from now, then come back and let us know.

Break in the silicone.

Break in the lube.

What’s wrong with playing responsive for a while? Break everything in.

Also, make sure no junk is in the bearing seat.

I use YYJ thin Lube.
Lighter fluid for cleaning.

Well then just play for a few days to break everything in. Tell us what happens in a while.

And like Samad said, make sure there is no junk in the bearing seat.