my avalanche is responsive


need sum help!!! tried cleaning, ive been trying to break in my bearing for 4 hours!!!


also applying thin lube…


Play with it more, apply thin lube, clean it, play with it more.


Just play it more, sometimes it take a while. Just keep throwing.


this is your problem.
thin lube makes a bearing responsive. any lube at all will.
Just run it dry if you want it to be unresponsive and don’t wanna deal with the break in period.


Applying lube will not make a bearing necessarily make a bearing responsive. However, many people with little experience in bearing mantainence will greatly overlube their bearings.

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is to clean your bearing in some paint thinner or a similar solvent. Next, take a pin and get just a little lube on it. Touch one of the balls or the cage inside of the bearing. Test out the bearing, then repeat as needed.

Depending on the bearing, it should be considerable quieter than a dry bearing and just as unresponsive.


Maybe it’s the pads. Change out bearings. There also may be string particles stuck somewhere, so check for that. :slight_smile: