Why won't my bearings break in?

Every time I lube a bearing (YYF Performance thin oil) it won’t break in. It continuously stays responsive, even after days of play. It’s quite annoying.

Should I possibly clean them??

Edit: It doesn’t matter what type of bearing it is. I have tried One Drop 10-ball, a Buddha Ripple, and a KonKave and they all ended up responsive with seemingly no hope of becoming unresponsive.

I would say yes.

First, how often are you lubing your bearing? A drop a month on a shielded bearing is more than enough.A half of a drop works fine. Maybe not even that often.

So I think you’re lubing too often and too much. Clean out your bearing properly, and if you are going to lube, use the needle/pin dip method and you’re good.

kill the lube, clean the bearings. play dry and completely unresponsive. the bearings are somewhat resilient and can take plenty of dry play. clean clean clean

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Well, the OneDrop for example hasn’t been played in 3 or 4 years. I only recently picked this up again after a few years hiatus. The konkave hadn’t been played in that same amount of time either.

The Buddha however was a new bearing that played fine dry, then became responsive so I put a drop of lube, and it’s been a week and it still hasn’t broken in.

Did you clean it after it was responsive?

If it became responsive why would you put lube in it?

A perfectly valid option! I like a bit of lube myself, but it’s not a requirement.

When it comes responsive as you mentioned with the Buddha bearing, you just keep playing it and it will become unresponsive again.

Non ABEC bearings vary quite a bit, some are good some are not…