Unresponsive bearing going responsive


I just got in my new supernova and after about 30min of play the bearing started being responsive and got really loud. What can I do to get it back to being unresponsive???


Give it a really good cleaning using whichever technique you prefer. I’m sure there are some good ones in the “useful maintenance and mods” sticky. Lube sparingly with thin lube. If you’re sparing enough with the lube, it should be fairly unresponsive already, but play it for another 15 mins to break it in a bit more.

If it’s still responsive or turns responsive, either it wasn’t cleaned thoroughly enough (try the paper slip technique, and use compressed air between fluid drying steps) or you have a bad bearing. Bad bearings happen.


Ok thanks I will try that, but one more question. I don’t have any thin lube right now is there anything I could use until I get some???


Machine oil like for a sewing machine or hair clippers? If you have an appropriate lube for bearings that happens to be a bit thicker (yoyo thick lube?) you can use a drop of that, but you’ll need to break it in even longer.

Even without the lube, the cleaning is the important part. Plenty of people run their bearings dry, and as long as it’s totally clean it shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s going responsive (lube or no lube) after the thorough cleaning, it could be just the bearing.


Ok thanks for all the help.