CLYW campfire bearing

I finally got my campfire in the mail and I threw down for about ten minutes when I realized that the bearing was acting funny; like you wouldn’t here the sound at all and was wondering if its fixable. (note: bearing from the box and it was responsive for that first ten minutes

You don’t hear the bearing because it is a quiet bearing. Also if it is being responsive, put in a drop of thin lube or clean the bearing or just play with it until it’s unresponsive.

Thin Lube doesn’t make a yoyo unresponsive…it just is so thin that it prolongs bearing life while not coating the inside too much as to make it responsive. If you clean your bearing I can almost guarantee it’ll be unresponsive…or just play with it more.

I’m sorry but thin lube can make a bearing more unresponsive. If it’s not spinning very well due to no lubricant then adding a bit can help. Also if your bearing is packed like Duncan bearings are then thin lube will thin out the grease and cause it to be more unresponsive. Yes to a dry bearing it will create more response BUT if done right you won’t even notice it.

Thanks Casey, never really used responsive yoyos so I wouldn’t know about that