Well, kinda. I just wanted to get everyone’s attention to mention one thing that many people newer to this hobby may have a misconception of.

I speak of bearing lube. Thin, thick, V4M, whatever. They all… yes, ALL, slow your bearing down. Thin lube does not guarantee unresponsive play, it merely protects the bearing from itself, and quiets the bearing down. Never think that thin lube will automagically make your yoyo unresponsive. The best way to setup unresponsive play is to either break in your bearing that you have already, or simply play your bearings dry. I have had countless bearings and have had only one that has given me any issues that could not be solved by cleaning the bearing.

So just remember this small little thing, because when you say things like: I just added a few drops of thin lube, why is my yoyo responsive? You kinda sound like an imbecile.

Thanks y’all for reading this.

It’s like saying, I just put salt in my food. Why is it more salty?

Funny I never found a bearing problem a few dops of thin lube couldn’t fix, of course I don’t expect my bearing to be unreponsive directly after. But it always is with in an hour of play.
I find cleaning a bearing the most useless thing people do to their yoyos.

My Dm2’s bearing always gets responsive after I lube it.

Thanks for posting it for the beginner yo-yoers.


I know there are a lot of fancy bearing lubes for sale nowadays. But I like to use the old school stuff. I’ve been using this same little army issue bottle of light oil for years to lube my bearings. Although I usually leave them alone if they come pre lubed. Then I just break em in.

Tis true… tis true… when I first started everyone said lube lube lube…

After reading the post on using electrical contact cleaner to clean the bearings I went and grabbed a can - best stuff ever… but still thinking I needed to lube after cleaning I placed a drop or two of thin in and cut my spin in half. Cleaned it back out and have run dry ever since. I keep my shields on, and short if a little dust or string fuzz, it runs smooth. The electrical cleaner is in a compressed can with straw - blasts the junk out and is safe on plastic and response rings…


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