I'm Back!! And need help with my yoyos....

Hey Guys!

I just got back into yoyo-ing after a few years! Wow! This is nice! My yoyos need some touching up though. I have 4 1A yoyos: The Dark Magic I, the Yuuksta, the 888, and the Code 2 Nautilus. My Nautilus and Dark Magic work fine, I’m just going to give them a touch of lube. But as for my Yuuksta, I tried siliconing it and that turned it into a responsive yoyo! What needs to be done to fix that? Do i need to re silicone it all over again, or should I just use O-Rings? Also, my 888’s O-Rings grew because I put a bit too much lube in, so should I get more O-Rings or should I try siliconing it?

Thanks and its good to be back,

Welcome back.

Regarding the original Dark magic and Code 2:
No need to give them any lube if they are working fine.
You can’t be gone that long if you’ve got a Code2 or you just picked one up. Either way, you must be loving that one!

Regarding the Yuuksta, did you remove the bearing before siliconing? After siliconing, did you ensure you cleaned it ALL out? What kind of silicone did you use?

Regarding the 888, please be more careful when you lube. You can remove the bearing if you want. You only need like half a drop when lubing if you leave the shields on. As far as siliconing vs buying replacement response pads, that’s truly your call. I’d say go ahead and try siliconing it. If that doesn’t work, YYF pads are easy to get and work just fine.

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Welcome back!
I hope this doesn’t get too confusing now with Yoyonut and Yonut. The difference is you’re nuts about yo-yos and Yonut, well, he’s just a nut.

Ok, I don’t really want to silicone again; I’ll go and get some YYF Pads. Yeah, I’ll be more careful when lubing. Thank you very much!


Nothing wrong with that kind of a solution.

You may need to clean out your bearings though too. If you got silicone in it, it might be as simple as de-shielding and then blowing it it out. A decent bearing should spin for 20 or more seconds on most flicks.(strength can be a varaible outside my control)

20 Seconds?? Wow. I think I’ll clean my bearings, yeah. Which YYF Pads are the best? Now there are so many kinds haha! Before, wasn’t there just one kind- O rings? Now which color should I get if I just want to use my yoyo for recreational purposes and I want the pads to last a while? Also, How do I clean the actual yoyo, not just the bearing? And is it a good idea to get some Terrapin bearings? My best bearing spins for about 10 seconds on a flick ???


In my experience as long as the bearing is noisy but not gritty you are good to go ( but if it spins for more than 4 seconds you are also good) :). Don’t spend that much on a bearing just get the cheap yoyo expert bearings or yoyo jam speed bearings.

Oh and natural pads are good for your purpose.

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I just received a pair of YYJ Speed Bearings. One stock spins for 27 seconds, the other for 34. I wait to clean and treat these. When I treated my Trifectas, I was getting over 45 seconds on a flick.

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