Questions from a noob


Hello everyone. I’m basically a noob (again). So I have some questions.

What does “bind” mean?

What is silicone used for, and what kind should be used?

What are the different types of bearing, and what do the different ones do?

How do you lube a yoyo and how does it effect the yoyo?

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A bind is a technique used to return an unresponsive yoyo to your hand. An unresponsive yoyo is one that doesn’t come back to you with a basic tug. More advanced players like that because it allows for some more complex tricks.

Silicone is a response system, something that causes the yoyo to come back to you. Silicone is available in flowable form, so you kind of squirt it into a little groove in the yoyo near the bearing. There are also silicone pads of many different kinds (that vary in thickness or texture, affecting how responsive the yoyo is) that can be used instead of the flow able silicone in many cases.

There are loads of differ kinds of bearings, and they basically are all designed to spin longer than a “standard” bearing. Some people really care about the kind of bearing they use, I don’t really care, so I can’t give you a great answer to this one.

Lubricant basically slows down your yoyo’s bearing, making it more responsive and quieter. This is also something I don’t use very often, sorry. Here is a video that explains how to put lube on your yoyo (it also outlines how to clean your bearing).

If anyone else could elaborate on bearings and lube, that would be awesome.

Good luck, AgentKuo! Please ask any other questions you have.

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What does “bind” mean?
Bind is used for Unresponsive play.
It is a trick that you should know when your playing Unresponsive.
Its like putting your yoyo up with gravity pull but you make a trapeze and then you pull down and tug up.
You can use The YoyoExpert Tutorials to learn how to bind.
Also every Yoyofactory Packaging should come with a manual on learning how to bind.

What is silicone used for, and what kind should be used?

Silicone is used for response.
I suggest buying a tube of silicone and siliconing your yoyo everytime the silicone rips out.
Pads are easier but they are more expensive BUT They last longer Reasonably.
It dosen’t really matter what kind of silicone you use aslong as its usable for Orings.
Its like Glue , You put it into the bearing seat groove and then you let it dry out for 24 Hours Or More
Then it becomes a Solid.
I suggest using RTV , Clear Flowable , Etc.

What are the different types of bearing, and what do the different ones do?
A Bearing C Bearing D Bearing
I dont really know all the bearings but this is my thoughts

The C-Bearing is the most common used in most throws.
Their is also special bearings like Konkave , Crucial , Metric , Centrac , Tarpin (I think?) Etc.
But C-Bearing is the most common used.
For an example of a A-Bearing you would want to look at a Hectic.

But otherwise You want to pick the bearing that fits your yoyo and most likely its a C Bearing.

How do you lube a yoyo and how does it effect the yoyo?
Lubing a Yoyo.
Firstly if you want to go easy , Purchase either a Thin Lube or a Thick Lube.
Thin lube is for Unresponsive play and Thick lube is for Responsive(2A) Play.
I suggest picking up a Yoyojam Thin lube if your planning to learn how to bind.
You want to grab mineral spirits and clean your bearings every Month or So and then Put a Tad bit of Thin Lube to keep it smooth and Alive.
If you keep your bearing Dry it may have chances of being Locked(Unusable).
I usually like to put a tad bit of Thin Lube in my bearings.

Any more questions Feel free to Private Message me!


Hey there, and welcome to the forums and yoyoing!!
Hopefully you will find everyone helpful and informative.
A bind is a maneuver used to bring the yoyo back to your hand after throwing a sleeper. It is necessary in unresponsive play to make the yoyo return to you. There are many different types and styles of binding, and you can find them all in the Learn section of this website.

Silicone: silicone is used as a responsive system in your yoyo. It is what causes friction in the yoyo near the bearing, allowing it to return to your hand after binding. Flowable silicone is a type of silicone that is self applied to your yoyos as an alternative to buying response pads. Some companies use it as a stock response. others use pads. If you go to the Yoyo modification and maintenance section of this forum you will find some helpful guides about it. It is very simple and easy to apply.

the user above me posted a good video about bearings. That video is very helpful watch it.

hope all this helped! Merry christmas~!!\


Honestly, I think this is the nicest (in terms of how nice the members are) forum I’ve ever joined.

Thanks for all the help, everyone, I really appreciate it.


Well, the yoyo community is renown for its niceness. ;D


Yes and the fact that we are all here to help each other.


and that is how we move foreward


Personally I’ve found that silicone is not that great. It binds well, and works really well, but the pads last soooo much longer then any silicone. Pads will last for months, whereas the silcone lasts for maybe a few days to a week in my experience. heh.


I don’t know what your experience is, but I find silicone lasts longer than pads.

Even if they don’t, the cost per silicone job is far less than replacement pads if you’re not using methods that waste lots of silicone.


The flowable silicone in my DM version 1 that I siliconed about 5 months ago is still there, still great too I might add. If there is alot of bubbles in the silicone or too much is applied then it can wear out very quickly or just plain rip out, also if you do not wait the FULL 24 hours then it will wear very very quickly or rip out (I usually wait 25-26). Flowable lasts longer than regular pads if applied correctly, and that just comes with screwing up a couple sili jobs and just doing it over and over, hehe.


I dunno, that’s just been my experience :confused: my silicone jobs seemed pretty good to me at least.


Thats all fine and well, just sharing my experience as well…what brand do you use, I use VersaChem, the stuff CLYW uses I belive and it is just wonderfull.


I thought it was permatex??


There’s different brands of just about everything.

Permatex is a very common brand, widely available, even here on YYE. It’s also recommended by the National YoYo Museum.

But, there’s no rule saying you have to use this brand or that brand. There is stuff you shouldn’t use, like stuff for sealing tubs and things like that.


I believe its Permatex.


Well I want to get the same results as or close to CLYW silconing you know?
Isn’t permatex more widely used on the west coast or…
Because I didn’t see the alternative at the car parts store.

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CLYW comes with Snow Tire Pads Installed not Silicone.


how about before snow tires were invented?


I believe all the peaks came with silicone and most new manufacturers use silicone in their first models(TEN YOYO comes to mind)