Permatex 22074 Ultra Grey for very unresponsive return system

Hello everyone,

First of all thanks to @mable to introduce me to this silicone (which also has better pictures), second sorry for my awful pictures and application I did not used silicone from ages.

Let’s start from the beginning:
I used to use the Motorsil D while living in Italy, it was a quite good silicone and quite unresponsive also easy to apply, moved in London I had to start use pads cause impossible to find that silicone here.
From pads I always felt that I had quite an harsh response even while playing, feeding string around the bearing was basically impossible without cause an accidental bind and also playing against the yoyo spin in breakway cause accidental bind, when doing that type of trick I really had to pay attention and break a bit the flow of the combo.

I started to use pads very worn out to avoid the accidental bind (never change string cause I like fat string and must use them), I tried the Permatex red but was awful, very crumbly and impossible to do a correct application, very very “solid” from the beginning and the response is similar to pads, I never tried the transparent Permatex but I get discourage from trying that.

Mable told me to try the Permatex grey in the title, 2 days ago is arrived and poorly apply it on a yoyo just to try it, not my best job for sure but I was long time without siliconing, will be better next time.
Let it dry 24 hours and then put the string and the bearing back and start to throw.

This was the result of fresh silicone:

I know that silicone (and also a bad application) need couple of throw to settle, this is after more or less half an hour throwing:

I have to say that even if not completely settled (using the yoyo more all the little bumps will go away), the response is amazing, unresponsive in a very nice way and the binds are not snappy but secure, even if my application is horrible the yoyo has a new life, much more unresponsive than before (so I cannot imagine when the silicone will be even a bit more worn out will be even greater), I put it under stress with all my “annoying” combo and lot of string layers and I went through them smooth as butter, I think I finally found my response system, next time I would like to try recessing it to see if I get it even more unresponsive, so I will try with the pads a bit consumed and a new one with recess, curious to experiment.

Everyone that is confident with his bind can use this silicone without problems, if you like a very unresponsive yoyo this is for sure one of the ways, the whole playing experience became smoother and “softer” and the response side, very enjoying this solution.

I will experiment more in the future with this silicone and trying to apply a recess and will write it, for sure this seems a perfect solution for my problem and my type of play and allow me to use my fat strings without issues.



I like this characterization. Very interesting. I’m planning to buying the clear and siliconing a yoyo for the first time, but I guess these aren’t that expensive … maybe worth picking up one of each.


This has been a problem for me lately. I have some clear silicone that I haven’t taken the time to experiment with. Seems like good reason to start. (Edit: sounds like I will have to go for a bit of recess with clear.)


Yes guys it is a very interesting silicone, the clear from people that experienced it seems to have a very grippy response which is not for me but maybe good for responsive throw.

This gray one between all the ones I tried (kind of get obsessed with pads and return system to solve my problem) this grey one seems a good solution, I have also some pads coming that @Niki know in china and seems very unresponsive but for now is a good solution this silicone and doesn’t take too long to do a yoyo and also even if it not perfect it work.

I am curious to recess this grey silicone and see what happen, I do not mind at all to have a bind “hard to do”, I do bind from ages and do not have issue, I was even thinking before to play with only one pad but I do not like the idea, but this let understand how much I like a yoyo unresponsive.

Also something I noticed with this grey silicone is it doen’t ruin the initial spin when you throw, sometimes if the pads are very very gone the throw is less powerful cause there is no grip, with this grey silicone at the moment throwing the yoyo feels perfectly normal


Keep in mind that it may take some time to break in. At least that is what I recall reading of the clear. Wonder how the gray will be after a longer use period. Please do update us!

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Yes it will need other couple of hours of play for sure (like the other silicones around), I think will happen to become even more unresponsive, I will check if it crumble or similar and update the topic here with the evolution of it or in case become unplayable because too unresponsive (do not thing this will gonna happen), is a work in progress!


I did this only once so far and it worked really well except it was raining for the 24 hours I needed to leave it cure and I started using the Yoyo too quick and a string got kind of stained and funky so if humidity is high maybe wait extra time for the sili to cure also everyone. I just left it an extra day after I realized it wasn’t ready yet. That Yoyo has amazing response now though and I’m going to do it to all my other yo-yos when the time comes.


This is similar to the red rtv ilyy used to use. It was also ultra so I wonder how they compare in play.

I think i will get a tube of the grey next time i go to auto zone. I’ve been extremely happy with the permatex brand flowable silicon (glass repair), but I’ve been curious about the other non-red colors.


Matthew absolutely the red never again, I tried it in thousand ways and it just doesn’t work properly sadly.

Never tried the clear as I get discouraged cause my style of playing but this grey one seems good, curious to see how long it will last


I’ve used both clear permatex flowable and permatex ultra grey. Ultra grey is much harder to apply than flowable (note that it’s not hard to apply per se, but it’s harder than applying flowable which is super fast and easy). Flowable is way grippier and I recess it hella deep to get the level of response I want. Ultra grey is much harder and I barely need to recess it to get the level of response I want.

Out of all the permatex options I believe ultra grey is rated as the hardest of them all. So ultra grey should be the least responsive of all options, while also being the longest lasting. If you don’t mind a slightly more involved application process, and feel like clear flowable is either too grippy for you or you struggle with clear silicone falling out, then I’d highly recommend ultra grey.

Ultra grey is what I’m settling on as my standard response on all yoyos going forward.


Is grey about as easy to apply as the red? Also do you know where the reds hardness is vs grey and clear? I went red even though everyone said get clear bc they didn’t have clear at the spot I went and the tut I watched used red so I was like eh I’ll try it. It worked really good for yoshcuda but I want the hardest response for hades bc it eats pads and I like that I would have to do it less often…or is that bad? And I should use the one that has the right response and figure out the perfect recess depth?

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This is all preference I like the clear and monkey finger snot but depends on the gap and or yoyo and string i want to use. lots of variables to play with and every yoyo i have has a different feel based on what i want it to do… I’ll probably look at the grey to see if it works well for my more narrow gapped throws. might be a nice trade off.

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Glad you made this Albertino! More people need to know that flowable is the GOAT

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Grey shouldn’t be any harder to apply that any other RTV. The difference is just that flowable as opposed to RTV is self leveling so you don’t have to do anything to get it to smooth out other than let it cure on a level surface.

ultra grey technical data sheet

red rtv technical data sheet

flowable data sheet

For people too lazy to parse TDS pdfs:
ultra gray hardness: 45
red rtv hardness: 25
flowable hardness: not even listed, but it’s very very soft

Ultra grey has a higher tensile strength than red rtv, but red rtv has a higher elongation%. Which of these metrics matters more for lifespan in yoyos? Who knows, but at least in terms of response ultra grey is harder and will be less grippy.


Thank you for looking this up and putting the pdfs here!


you reminded me that I too had to do something.
I am a big user of Motorsil-D and not a fan of pads, over 2/3 of my yoyos have this silicone in their recesses… today I used this liquid silicone made in the USA… it should be the same used in the olds CLYW. Della Permatex, in the past I used the clear and I found it good, I will hardly have the opportunity to use this gray because in Italy these silicones are very difficult to find.


I have tried this brand, and one of the ‘pads’ I created with it didn’t last very long, maybe a month or two. That could easily be a problem with the way I applied it, but I haven’t had that experience since. However, I couldn’t keep this brand from completely drying in the top of the tube twice in the amount of time it took for the response from coming out of the yoyo.

The permatex brand of flowable silicon closed up properly and I only needed to scrape a little out.

After a day playing with that yoyo I am happy that all the silicone get perfectly flat and leveled (pictures tomorrow I am in bed now), looks so nice and feels even nicer, all the bind characteristics from the first impressions are the same but even better as it became even a bit less responsive, I did not a great job with the application and there is a tiny spot where probably there was a bubble of something and I have a little hole but it works perfectly and seems perfect.
Tomorrow I gonna post some pictures and try it in other yoyo as well (after film a little trick in the morning), I did it in the C3 - Laevateinn (not sure I wrote it correctly lol) and I am curious to try it in other yoyos, until now only positive comments except as Mable said it require a tiny bit of practice to apply it correctly


Ello, I’m the cult leader who coaxed @mable into siliconing her yoyos with permatex ultra grey.

I’m happy to spread the good word regarding our lord and saviour, permatex ultra grey.

It lasts forever, and in my opinion provides the perfect amount of response. Also, they never have the risk of falling out like pads might in humid climates.

Also using siliconing is vastly cheaper than pads in the long run.

Keep at it lads, and happy siliconing!