How do i mod the X-convict

i ordered one and im not sure how to im prove it if i need to, what to buy, and how

all that comes to mind is

  1. satin
  2. silicone
  3. Shims
  4. polish it (maybe later on when it gets dirty)
  5. clean the bearing
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or you could shave the o-rings

dont know the language but i understood by watching.

I wouldn’t do anything else other than whats been stated.

There’s no need to mod it. It’s a good yoyo, so you can just play with it.

You have to remember most people don’t like o-ring response.

True, but most ‚ all.

but y do you have to shave it?

So its less responsive

One Drop Flow Groove silicone pads are a direct fit for YYJ Orings.

One of the best mods you can do in my opinion.

That’s good info in my case… Now if I only had my pads here at work with my X-Con… I’ve backed the gap out as far as I can, and it’s still too responsive. Cleaned the bearings over the weekend and it helped until I put a drop of brain lube on it. Gonna clean it again tonight, go with no lube, and also use my Flow Groove pads that I got for my M1.

Jeromy K. has the SICKEST X-Convict of all times. PM him for pics.