New DV888 too responsive

Preface: I’m new to yoyo’ing but have been at it for a few weeks. I can do quite a few tricks already on both my responsive and unresponsive yoyos. But again still new to it all so I don’t claim to know much.

Ok so my problem is I just got a new DV888 yesterday in the mail. (I’ve been kind of wanting to upgrade my responsive yoyo from my yyf one and yyf velocity.) I was super stoked when I got it but right out of the box I noticed the sleep time was horrible so I used some Rem oil (I read somewhere that was a good thin lube to use and it helped improve my other yoyos when they started to slow down). That seemed to help right away with the sleep time but this thing is it’s soooo touchy as far as response. I did notice the pads were a lot thicker than any other yoyo I have. Anyway it’s kind of annoying that anytime there is the slightest bit of slack it comes whipping back. I’ve taken a couple hard wacks with this thick metal yoyo and I’m starting to question wether I should have gotten at all. Or maybe I just suck that bad but I don’t have any of these probs with my velocity or my One.

Anyone else have the same issue with the new DV888’s?

Clean bearing

Brand new bearing. Clean as a whistle. Used Rem oil which is a “cleaning oil”. Even tried using the bearing out of my yyf one and it still acts the same.

Is it a thin bearing by any chance? I think most of the newer DV888s come with a thin bearing installed instead of the full sized C bearing they used to come with. Also, brand new bearings aren’t always completely clean. A lot of company’s ship yoyos with a bit too much oil already in the bearings, if that’s the problem, you ought to give it a soak in some mineral turp instead of adding more oil.

Edit: one other thing that could be causing the surprise knuckle busters are the super grippy pads. Give them a bit of time to break in.


Clean bearing and do not oil etc.

Ok thanks. I have an ultra sonic cleaner. I’ll throw the bearings in there and give it a try.

I’m thinking the same as Yuki here. Did you get an “unbelievable deal” on it compared to it’s “regular price”? If so, you may have picked up the newer responsive version.

I did get the new responsive version. Maybe I don’t know how what to expect with responsive yoyos. I only have the yyf One and the Velocity (which is adjustable) to compare it too. It’s just the new DV888 is super touchy. It comes whipping back at the slightest bit of slack. Makes it hard to pull off tricks half the time unlike the others.

As noted above - clean the bearing. The reason being that while it is counter-intuitive, lubing a bearing actually makes it more responsive.

From what I’ve read on another site the pads are thicker half spec bearing and possibly a shorter axle. It’s made for new yoyoers. change the three then you have a completely unresponsive yoyo.

That’s… um, the definition of responsive. Sorry? :-\

GL with the cleaning!

Are the pads in it flush? They may also need some breaking in

Buys responsive yoyo, shocked when it’s responsive…

I said it’s extremely responsive as compared to the other responsive yoyos I’ve gotten. You can be a dbag or you can offer advice. It’s obvious which one you are.

lol, just put a normal C bearing in it and play unresponsive.

Yea I’ve been swapping it out with one but the whole reason I got this was to have a nice responsive metal yoyo.

Anyway I just pulled the bearings out of the ultrasonic parts cleaner. Dried them out and out a light coat of thin lube and have been playing with it for about 5mins. Already seems much better. I can actually do a pinwheel and a Houdini mount without getting wacked in the knuckles if I throw it a little slow.

Try a new bearing, I think the new DV888s use a slim bearing

Nice maymay, upboats for you good sir!

Big 888 fan usually the new 888 is shipped with thin bearing and stupid thick pads. Take the axle out and rub the pads vigorously on a pair of denim jeans. Helps to wear in the pad.

So I cleaned the bearings in every type of solution you could think of but no luck. Then I ordered slim response pads to eliminate the stupid super thick response pads it came with. STILL no luck. Finally I ordered a Terrapin X bearing and voila! The yoyo is FINALLY 100% unresponsive. Not a big fan so far of this new DV888. Way too much work for a $30-40 yoyo just to get it to work properly. My T5 was $15 and plays 10x better (minus the grinding).