DV888 issues

First of all I am new and a beginner. I recently bought a DV888 responsive yoyo on Amazon for 30 dollars. The problem is that it is too responsive, in fact I i can only get it to sleep for about 20 seconds and it’s noisy as hell. It is equally as loud as the FAST 201 but sleeps for FAR less time than the 201. Is this normal? I love the look and feel and a lot of people like them, but this one is awful. I bought a 2 dollar wooden yoyo from Dollar General that is quieter and sleeps for about 45 seconds. My Walmart Duncan Imperial and Butterfly I bought for 3 dollars spins better. What can I do to fix this. Do I need to buy a new C bearing for it? What can I do to make it better? It’s my most expensive yoyo but is by far the worst one I have. Please give me some tips, thank you.

Tighten the axle and throw straight.

Once you get good upgrade to a unresponsive size C bearing. CT or KK

Yea those $30 DV888’s come with thick pads and slim bearings. I didn’t realize that when I saw one sitting there at a random Big 5 Sporting Goods and took it home to do my first trick (being side throw). It came back up to punch me in the knuckles. Not long after I took out the thick pads and replaced the bearing with a standard C bearing and used flowable silicone to get the yoyo to play like my brother’s I picked up for him at BAC last year.

On the flip side, a budget metal set up like this is perfect for those who want to get their first yoyo and are excited about something metal. The DV888 is pretty nice too!

Thanks, I will play with it for a couple days to break it in and loosen it up and see what happens then.