New responsive Dv888 mod

Hi guys so in new here ;D!!
So yeah im From India and its UNBELIEVABLY hard to get yo-yos or anything related to them here.
:wink: Now ok for the main topic:
Recently i bought a dv888 with out knowing that the new one was responsive, i felt like killing myself after realizing >:( >:( >:(
After a lot of cries :’( :’( :’( :’(
I decided to get over it and try to find a solution for it.Why?!!! couse i want unresponsive yoyo!!! :-
Anyway I want to know if there is anyway to MAKE it UNRESPONSIVE with out needing to buy a new bearing or new yoyo… I mean i can do a lllllllll the do it yourself stuff so that includes any homemade solution.
PLs is there any way to make the dv888 unresponsive with out buying a new bearing or a new yoyo???
Thank you solo much and any other indian yoyoer around
All the best for you guys,

its easier than you think all you need to do is buy a wide bearing and pop it in.

could try cleaning the slim bearing. That should at least make it less responsive

If you got the DV888 starter kit it should have come with a narrow and wide bearing. If so put in the wide bearing. It may need to be cleaned. If it’s the standard DV888 it should have come w/the wide bearing. Try cleaning it.

Guys pls note that i live i india and i reaaaally have no access to any store, besides the online ones of course. But the thing is i DONT HAVE PATIENCE TO wait for one more order XD.
And as I’ve seen the new dv888 came with a A sized bearing…
The things i was thinking about was to:
a) Cleaning the bearing with solvent.
b) making new muuuuuuch slimmer response pads out of flowable silicon.
c) using shims.

Do you guys thin its enough…?
Sorry for the long reply.

Yes - Clean the bearing. Give flowable silicone a shot. Skip the shims, as they could lead to string snag.