Help Please!! Another DV888 problem :-(

Hey guys! I purchased a DV888 from here on 8/18/11 It is my first “professional” yoyo. I have been LOVING my new DV888 until last night. Last night I was playing with my yoyo and it started vibrating oddly at on the string while sleeping. I figured ok the axle came loose from one side. and when I grabbed the yoyo I realized the rubber response pad had popped out. So I unscrewed the yoyo and tried to put the pad back in but the pad had expanded by about a 1/6 of an inch or so. So I took it out and cut a slit in it and trimmed off the excess rubbed and put it back in with no problems. It threw just fine. Then Tonight I had the same problem. So I did the same and it works alright now. The odd thing is. I haven’t gotten any lube or lighter fluid or anything on the rubber since I haven’t used any on this thing. I know I haven’t used it enough to where I would need to replace the pads yet. I was just wondering what I should do about this.


well i think your pads were just laid in wrong which is uncommon but can happen OR you had some residue on your hand from some liquid and when you were fiddling with the bearing it got on the pad. you can glue the pad back in ( not reccommended) or you can get a new pad, play it with only one pad, or you can sillicone it. The options are ENDDDLLLLLESSSSSSSSSSS!!!

I’d just put in some flowable silicone. you can pick up a tube of it for a buck at your local 99 cent store or dollar store. It’s pretty easy to apply, and it works quite well. And it’ll last for several applications.

  1. Take out your current pads, bearing, and axle. (taking out the axle isn’t necessary, but some people like to do this)
  2. Clean out the pad recess. anything visible take out with a toothpick or q tip or something. then I like to put rubbing alcohol on a q tip and run it around the recess a couple times to make sure it’s totally clean.
  3. apply your silicone in the groove. Do this slowly, and steadily. you don’t want any air bubbles to form, or else you’ll have to replace the silicone pretty soon. there will be a decent amount of excess sticking out.
  4. (optional) run a toothpick through the silicone. I sometimes do this to make sure there are no air bubbles.
  5. Using a card or a spoon, clean off excess so it’s flush with the yoyo. I like to use a spoon to give the silicone a concavity, but a card will work too. there will probably be some excess silicone on the yoyo itself, outside of the recess. it’s fine. leave it for now.
  6. Wait 4 hours for it to set a bit.
  7. Clean away that excess stuff that’s on the yoyo. it’ll just come off if you rub at it with your finger.
  8. Wait 24 hours
  9. Check your bearing seat to make sure there’s no silicone in there. if there’s not, congratulations! you’re done! :smiley:
    now just reassemble your dv888, and you’re good to go. It might be responsive for a bit. just play with it and it’ll break in and be unresponsive again.

If you’re more of a video person:

if you need help with any other mods, just check out the stickied thread :slight_smile:,17792.0.html

If you don’t want to use silicone though, then you can just pick up some new pads. this is more expensive though, and you have to wait longer for shipping.

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I’m considering the flowable silicone route for my yoyos. Nothing against YYE and their bottom line, but it makes more sense to me to order replacement responses only if it’s buried into a larger order. I have to pay shipping anyways, might as well make it worth it.

Plus, I’ve seen some other videos on how to silicone a yoyo using flowable silicone. It looks fairly simple and relatively easy.

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I emailed the support on here and they said they would send me some new pads. They said it could be from over lubing it but I never have put lube in it. I did change the bearing and when I did that the new center trac bearing could have had too much lube I guess. It was just weird that they both went out within 24 hours of each other. I might do the flowable sili in the future but not now.

Thank You!

Center tracks come dry.

Flowable silicone works great. Binds so tight yet is still dead unresonsive.