using silicone


Hey guys, quick question.

I just got a Dv888 and it’s pretty awesome. I also put silicone on my DMII. I was wondering however, if it would be a “alright” idea to put silicone in my Dv888. There’s nothing wrong with the pads or anything. I guess my question is: Does silicone perform as well as response pads? Is it better in some yo-yo’s then others?

Also, another question. My Dv888 was perfect, right out out of the box. I got it yesterday, and was using it yesterday. But when I tried using it today, it’s become pretty responsive. I can’t really practice any whips or specific tricks because it shoots back. I changed the strings, but same problem. is it just a case of the pads needing to be broken in? I guess that’s why I’m also curious about siliconing my Dv888: Being responsive sucks :/.

Thanks in advance guys. I tried searching for the answers but couldn’t find them, so I’m sorry if these questions have already been asked :slight_smile:


the bearing and pads need to be broken in but sili is not better than pads… pads are sili so just use the pads untill you need new ones then use sili


Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:


Typically bearings and pads have a break in period. Bearings can become responsive for a short period during that time until it breaks in. There’s also a possibility you got a tiny piece of string or dirt in the bearing. If it continues try cleaning it.