Response System Questions

Hey I just have a few silly questions. I have a used 888x coming in the mail and i was looking at pads on the yyf shop whats the difference between the CBC Pro yellow/red pads and CBC white pads? what makes them “pro”. Also i wanted to share flow-able silicone experience. I had a yomega dash a while back what was wicked responsive w/ rubber response system. I ended up cleaning the bearing and dropping 1 drop of thin lube in it, now pull up on the string and it wont come up, so its unresponsive. Anyways, i saw the flowable silicone mods, so i though id try it out my self. Well it diddnt work as well as i though, the yomega dash has a huge space were the rubber was, but i managed to get all the silicone in there 100% even, let it dry for almost 40 hrs. Cleaned the sides up. Diddnt have to cut or any of it off, since flowable is self leveling. its 100% level with the metal, so i started to play with it, and its SUPER responsive! So i figured id give it a few days to break in, i played with it for 4-5 days, and its still super responsive, not like it was at first, but at least 7 out of 10 whipps i try to do, the yoyo comes up and smacks my hand. Well i ended up taking it out, cleaning it all up and doing it again, SAME THING! Do yall think its just the yoyo because of the big hole because there as so much rubber in it, its not like a O ring, its about 3x bigger then a O ring. I put the rubber back in and its completely unresponsive again! Also i just wanted to know why people prefer silicone over cbc pads? why is it so popular, just because we dont have to keep bying k-pads. Also i assume this used 888x im getting, will have to get new pads soon, u think i should just replace them or Silicone them? Whats better and why?

I’m not at all familiar w/CBC pads, nor what the 888x uses. I’ve got an older 888 and I think it uses dif pads. I haven’t used it much lately.

As for response, or lack of, yes, it’s really mostly in the bearing. With a cleaned bearing you could use sand paper and have it be unresponsive. People started to experiment with silicone pads and recess mods a few years ago because of the problems with duncan stickers wearing so quickly. Somewhere along the line the myth that silicone made it unresponsive started and it will not die.

Same for silicone o-rings. Somebody put some in their YYJ I think mainly because they were a cool red color instead of black and that took off for awhile. Trimming them flush w/the surface of the shell was popular until people found out you could just put silicone in the groove more easily.

As for silicone pads, I use the duncan ones in a number of my yoyos. They last long and I think work as well as a silicone recess job. My HSPIN Lily (G&E4) uses them, as well as a couple of my difs and my fluchs. I’ve got a couple of journeys and HM w/silicone in the grooves. Both play well and neither is more or less responsive in play IMO.

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Thanks man its appreciated

I am not able to do good sili jobs, but its all about doing lindyloop tricks and bearing wraps and itll break in the response