What else should I get?

I am buying some yoyo factory response for my dv888, should I get flowable silicone or keep it simple and just get the response pads. Is there any other parts that I should get with this order such axles bearings, or anything else.


For me, flowable doesn’t hold well in my Dv888. but if you have other throws that can accept it, i’d get some. much cheaper than pads, and works great when applied correctly. you might also want to get some other stuff you might need in the future, cuz’ you don’t want to keep paying the shipping fees every time you need something. a YYF Multitool is a great thing to have around. http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/522/YoYoFactory-Multi-Tool---Neon-Collection

Some lube is good too, if you find that your bearing is having problems, you can clean it and re-lube it. There are several choices in lube. All work, but you want Thin lube if you want your Dv888 to play like it played out of the box.

if you really want to get a bearing, you can. it’s not that necessary as you already have one, but sometimes it’s good to have an extra. One Drop’s 10 ball bearing is a good choice, or you could get the YYE, YYF, or YYJ bearings. Size C is what you want. all of those work well.

don’t get thin lube, get “OneDrop V4M Lube”.  works much better, anyone who has a lot of experience with both would say so to.

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lube is lube.

The chances are you won’t need a replacement axle unless you’re doing something unwise.

Lube. If you’re messing around with responsive/unresponsive play and/or looping, get YYJ thick and thin lube. If you’re not(most of us aren’t), then simply get YYJ thin lube or VM4. Actually, I like VM4 a tiny bit more than the YYJ thick lube.

Don’t forget to stock up on bulk strings.

I like flowable silicone. The downside is waiting 24 hours for it to cure. You’ve got other yoyos to play while that’s going on, right? Pads are fine, just an extra cost item. Some yoyos MUST have them as they won’t hold silicone. At the same time, instant gratification as you pop them in and you’re good to go, so I do recommend if you’re ever in a hurry and no time to silicone, have a couple of sets laying around just in case.

YYF multi-tool. I also recommend a dedicated bearing puller that is also here. The longer length can be a plus depending on the yoyo and exact circumstances. But if you’re yanking bearings, odds are you’re doing that at home.

Always order your add-on stuff with your “bigger” ticket items. You’re already paying shipping anyways, it’s just more stuff to cram in there.


Yes. Fixed. Thank you.

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true, but if that was true with everything, a Mustang would be just as good as a Ferrari.  cars are cars.  TRUST ME, lube makes a huge difference if you are using the right kind.

and a mustang is cheaper than a ferrari. but both are nice rides. just preference. and whether you’re willing to spend more. not that 1 dollar really makes much of a difference.

So you say flowable silicone would slip out of the dv888 would it just be better to get pads

i have not had very much success with flowable in the Dv888. I’d say get both pads and flowable silicone, and just use the pads until they wear down, and then try flowable.

i didn’t have much success with flowable in my Dv888 either.

Usually when I get something on yye I end up ordering a trifecta bearing. Ya never know when you’re gonna want a good bearing put into a new throw!
That or some kitty strings. Can never have too much string.