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Definitely the best Dv888 review I’ve ever read.

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Thanks guys ;D this is my first review on yoyoexpert…im new here hahaha…

Good review! Like that it has good detailed pictures. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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I like the review; very descriptive and the pictures are great. But…I think that giving any yo-yo a 10/10 is an overstatement. I don’t know, but that’s just my opinion. Great review, nonetheless! I’m tempted to get it for Christmas :P.

Just one question: Do you have to change the K-Pads just like the way you have to change friction stickers? Thanks for the help.

so it says its an undersized yoyo can anyone get me a pic of it next to a pgm? becasue in the pics here it almost looks just a tad smaller

K-Pads don’t wear out as often. They are very long-lasting. But once your binds are getting slippy, replace them.

The dv888 is smaller than the PGM in width and diameter.

i second that
keep up the good work, i hope to see more reviews from you soon

Glad you enjoyed the review, here’s the answer to your question…

K-pads last quite long, however if you feel like you don’t want to buy replacement pads, you could just buy flowable silicone rather than spending 3 bucks for a set.

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great review! :smiley:

Like SR said, It’s a bit smaller in width and diameter.

Here: :wink:

Width: 40.72mm
Diameter: 55.80mm

Width: 40.64mm
Diameter: 50.10mm

-The PGMv2 is .8mm bigger in width and 5.70 bigger in diameter compared to the DV888

Hope this helps and gives you an idea :slight_smile:

Incredible review, and awesome vocabulary. I sorta want one now. Great Job!

Writing “Project Killer” defiles this thread.

Terrible review.

The statement “PROJECT KILLER?” has a question mark. I am simply implying, a question, is it truly a Project Killer, or not? Thats simply why i have decided to make a review on this yoyo. It’s for people to see the facts, is it worth to buy it, whats so good about it, what special things does it offer?. I am not trying to defile anything. i’m just trying to state the facts and try not to be biased. Lastly, you posted early in this topic that you thought it was a good review, now the change, telling me that its a terrible review? Im sorry but thats not right. Just because your a YOYOEXPERT here doesn’t mean you can RUIN someones review and tell them that its terrible because of a Statement that will help buyers decide if they want to get the product or not…

Thats Dirty ;D

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Great review.

Good pictures too

I stated my opinion. As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with that. I will not argue farther, but from my point of view, you made a very ignorant and unusual comment.


agreed again

Thx… ::slight_smile: glad you enjoyed my review. I will be making more reviews in the future.