So... My X-Convict


I Know this topic is simillar to my other one but this will be my last(or secondlast lol) before i order my yoyo on monday

im probably goin to get the black xconvict with pink string and a konkave bearing(slilicone response)

and maybe synergy caps ;D ;D ;D

Do you think that would look cool because i am probably goin to get black no matter what lol unless one of you come up with a new idea

so maybe black with purple string??? or yellow!!! i dont know but probably pink :wink:

is there anything simillar to and xconvict that is around that price??(give or take a few)
i have a hitman and i dont really want another one.

is kk bearing necesarry?? maybe not but i think i will go for it :wink:

please reply


You really don’t need kk bearing.
Look at guy in this video:

he’s using xvict with stock bearing (only broken in) and stock response + some shims.
Also think about PGM or Counter Attack.


Actually, he uses a really broken in KonKave bearing, never cleaned, with thick shims and dual Z-Rings.

EDIT: Found it, right here:

But, it’s true that KK’s aren’t a necessity, they’re a luxury. I like them, and there are many people like them. If you have $15, and you really want to buy one, then go for it!


But what ive been considering, are they worth 15 bucks? yes they help keep the string in the middle, which is awesome especially during something such as ladder escape, but with enough practice and proper tension you and your yo do that anyway… so is it truly worth it in the beginning? the middle? and the long run?


I don’t like them because they don’t give me any advantage. They just cost more.


Hey x-convict is my fav yoyo very nice shape…
I made a x-convicts=x-convict one half(blk)other half x-con(bright pink)throw a shim in the mix and then sliliconed that bad boy right in thight plays like a dream!
x-con 4 life…


A KK would be great if you have a crooked throw, but if you have a good one, I’d stick with the stock bearing.

Any color string will match black, so I’d get some tat match the clothes you wear most often.

Siliconing it is a great choice.

However, I wouldn’t get the Synergy Caps. They are kinda cool for a few minutes, but after that they’ll get really boring and hamper the performance of your yoyo.

With the money you saved you can get some Thin Lube or a Shirt!

Great choice on the X-ConVict :slight_smile:

(J. Lev) #8

Ditch the KK. You really don’t need it. You’re better off learning how to throw properly without the help of a KK.

(Mark) #9

Also, the Synergy Caps can give the X-convict vibe.


thanks so much!!

black xcon some string thin lube silicon and maybe some shims!!

i dont no about the kk but maybe not :wink:

where can i find counter attack or pgm?


Counter-Attack isn’t out yet. The PGM is only V2.0 now, so they sell it here.


(empirestrings) #12

my hitman has a kk, shims and is silliconed… it plays awsome… it’s all about your prefrences


Wat brand is the pgm???

is it sold on yye?

im not so sure about the xconvict yet but probably
ps. where do shims go and wat exactly is the dif between red and grey?? besides thick and thin lol

write back please

oh and is silicone only to make your response smoother, or is there more to it?

(Eleazar) #14

Silicone makes the play smoother and less responsive but still provides tight binds.

(JonasK) #15

PGM=Plastic Grind Machine

Made by YoYoFactory.