black x-convict


so i just saw there was now black in stock.
my friend (azn pride) just got a white one and personally i like the feel.

but i would get black. i love the black and i think the sidecaps are cool.
if i do should i get a kk bearing and silicone response??

my friend got that but i liked it ;D

i would also get maybe 1 or 2 shims because i would like to have a larger gap handy :stuck_out_tongue:

and thin lube, always good to have right?

i would probably get green and yellow string ;D but maybe not 100 count, unless i wait a while or just orrow some money haha.

please reply on your thoughts


Sounds great. The konkave and silicone is up to you, some people like those and some people don’t. If the money isn’t a problem then you might as well. I hopw you love your new yoyo like many others have.

I can’t say what would be best for you, but I got mine Monday, and played it stock for a while. It’s a bit too responsive, so I took a very small O-Ring to space the gap. I can’t tell you the exact size since I just grabbed the one that looked right.

Here it is flush

Sorry it’s a little blurry, my camera wouldn’t focus right. :frowning:

Anyway, I plan to switch to Silicon, but haven’t decided whether to go flowable, or buy the rings. I’ve been debating a KK as well, but haven’t made up my mind. You could get it and decide you like to play it stock, but I’m used to something less responsive.

Wow. That o-ring looks like a cool way to shim the gap. I guess you can just use regular shims, but that o-ring looked cool.

Thanks, I wish I could take full credit for it, but if I remember a mention of it somewhere. Don’t remember where.

Woah the O-ring is a great idea. You think it would work on a DM?

Nice idea with the o-ring, im goin to try it on a hitman ;D

so silicone…smoother,right?
and kk… longer sleep time? and less response and smooth play am i right?

i just like black and i would get some bright string ad the caps are sweet (like i mentioned before)

well thanks for the help. i will wait a while considering there is no rush because i already own a hitman.

and i would want a little more cash, or i could just wait till my bday in sept, they would probably be sold and then restocked lol :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

please reply about the questions i asked 8)

Silicone isn’t better than any other response system, just different. It tend to be more grippy with less friction while spinning because it is flush.

Konkave bearings don’t make a yoyo sleep longer. You improving your throw is the only thing that can really do that. However, they do help keep the string centered.

The X-ConVict is restocked constantly. And black seems to be one of the most common colors.

It does help with sleep times in that it keeps the string from the sides, which will reduce sleep time. But that can be done with improving your throw as well.