Yoyo accessories?

Okay, so I was thinking of getting a dark magic. Then, I was just poking around this site, and saw the konkave bearing, silicone stickers, synergy caps, spacers, and the gloves, and I was thinking… do I really need this?

Can someone tell me what each does and whether it is worth it or not?

I would start with getting the yo-yo. Ones you have the yo-yo you can worry about that stuff. The most important things are Yo-Yo, and string.


Well, the KonKave bearing is always a good investment. You’ll enjoy it a lot. Keeps the string centered, and spins like a champ.

Spacers (and shims, too) are something you should worry about when you have a better idea of what kind of gap width you enjoy playing with. Experience is the best teacher. You can always pick some up and experiment, or keep them for a time when you have a better idea of your preferences.

It’s always good to have some spare stickers for your yoyos hanging around. It’s always bad to lose a sticker and have to wait for delivery. Of course, your Dark Magic doesn’t take stickers. Look at the silicone o-rings in stock here, should you want to try some different response. IMHO, silicone is the BEST response, but opinions vary. Find out for yourself!

A glove? Sure, you could. It certainly saves from friction burn and makes things nice and smooth. A lot depends on your string preference, though. A lot of people will tell you Slick 6 causes some burn, and I’d agree with them. It’s also a great string choice. 100% Polyester is a bit softer on the fingers, and a solid choice as well. Some people think BOTH burn a little too much and use a glove. How about your fingers? You might think about holding off on a glove, and that’s fine, but when you’re really hot and heavy into your new string tricks, it’s nice to have a plan you can just pull out of a pocket if the burn starts interfering with your throw time.

But silicone for a hybrid??? How long does it last?

Depends on how good your throw is. But generally, it will increase your spin and lower the friction.

Can you make your own konkave bearings? They’re kinda expensive

A KonKave bearing is not required, but if you really want to, check out this post. Just be sure not to ruin your bearing.