Dark Magic 2 Q's Koncave Or standard

On youtube ive been hearing that a koncave bearing makes a huge difference but does it really? i also heard andre boulay uses it too so ive been tempted to buy one a lot but does it really matter?

Short answer: No
Long answer: No

seriously though, no it doesn’t make much of a difference at all.
It’s not a crutch that will make your yoyo spin longer, nor does it really effect it much at all.
The key thing to a good throw: Practice. Practice practice practice. Then when you think you practiced enough, keep practicing. Only thing that will really make a huge difference.

A one drop 10 ball bearing, or a terrapin bearing will make a slight improvement to your sleep time, but not really enough to matter. Stock bearings are pretty good actually. So I wouldn’t really recommend spending 15 or 30 bucks on a new bearing when what you have will more than suffice. :slight_smile:

I’m using Terrapin X bearings. No, they don’t really increase sleep time that much. I’m using one in my DM2. Works fantastic. I do like it better than the YYJ speed bearing(which plays nice, by the way).

I use a Terrapin X Wing-cut bearing, which has a slight concave shape. VERY slight. It seems to do just enough to keep the string in the center. I also have the flat Chrome X bearings. Also works great. I have enough to put in all my favorite throws right now, but I’m ordering some more yoyos soon so I’ll order some more bearings soon.

However, as I practice, my throw continues to get better, and hence so does my sleep times. I echo why Dynikus says regarding practice.

The stock flat bearing that comes with the DM2 is already the ideal bearing for it. Don’t waste your money on an ‘upgrade’ bearing unless you accidentally flush the stock one down the toilet and need a replacement. And don’t worry about string-centering bearings unless you’re wanting to go into 3A.

So far there is a lot of wrong in this thread. I see this question all the time so im gona bold out here for a minute. BEARING DOES MATTER (compared to the person by preference) just like a yoyo. I don’t think terrapin x would be in business if this was opposite. YYF also chooses to uses a Center Trac. I dare you to try and throw a protostar with a YYJ dry in it and let me know how it compares. Terrapin X is GREAT. Crucial new bearing is GREAT(on the Confection). I don’t like it on other yoyos. I am not one of those people that just spend money on something and want to say it works because I bought it. Terrapin X (ceramic) is amazing in my preference. I have 2 and plan on buying a pack for every singly one of my main yoyos. As for konkave… It will keep the string away from the side of the yoyo (keeping it spin longer) but I don’t like them. I bought a ceramic konkave and never liked the feel but it definitely holds longer spin time. Yes Andre has used them. I like a ton of flat bearings as well. Especially CLYW bearings. I usually keep my yoyos stock but when it comes to Terrapin X… I gota throw it in if I have it as a main throw. Now for 10 ball. SLOWS IT DOWN. It’s “fun”. silent and smooooth. I guarentee it’ll slow down your throw because of the extra friction. 2 Extra balls. It’s physics. I guarantee there will be a lot of hate on this post but remember guys this is my preference, and opinion.

edit: MANY professionals use Center Trac and some Terrapin X, Konkave etc… i.e. Jensen to win 2010 Worlds. He also made a “competition grade gnarwhal” when he wasn’t sponsored by CLYW or Center Trac and he made Gnarwhals with silicone pads and center trac bearings on his “modern yoyo” website.

MANY Pros also use flat bearings. ITS PREFERENCE.


I can’t tell you how these play since my cat ate my ceramic konkave .

I heard they taste much better than homework…

After your kitty returns your bearing to you(through kitty litter hide and seek!), make sure you clean your bearing really EXTRA good!

Who knows, maybe being processed by a kitty GI tract will be a new treatment procedure!

Oh gee, it’s better. It’s more comfortable to throw and bind and it gets more grip and wastes less string, making it spin longer with less effort. Imagine that.

Yes, those physics are definitely your opinion.

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I have no idea what kind of protostar your throwing or what kind of bearing you think you have in there but thats your preference

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That’s precisely why there’s choices of bearings.

Choice, preference, option, and in some cases crappy design. I got this cheap chinese metal POS yoyo, and if it doesn’t have the center track bearing in there, the string just ends up quite literally falling off the bearing and getting stuck on the sides.

All I can say is that everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it. I also encourage throwers to discover what works best for them, even if it means spending money on bearings. We’ve all spent money on stuff to discover we don’t like this or that. At least bearings are fairly inexpensive for the most part. And just because a company pairs a throw with a specific type f bearing doesn’t mean that bearing is the best for you, or similarly, maybe even that yoyo isn’t even good for you.

I’d say if you can buy a small collection of bearings you can swap in and out to see what works best on a particular yoyo, then you’re set. Just don’t go nuts. Flat, wing-cut, concave and a center track should be sufficient. Chance are they’ll all run $10 or less.

But, don’t just buy and use something because “that’s what so-and-so does”. What works for them may not work for you. However, the only way you’re going to know for sure is to buy and try. I suggest practice first.

So, after “retreiving” my bearing in ways that are too gruesome to post, this is my conclusion: the whole bearing shows signs of corrosion, making it look real bad. All I can say though is that cat stomach fluids must have Chuck Norris pee in it or something, because it plays GREAT! I like it almost as much as my terrapin x ceramic, but the string gets bunched up, and doesn’t allow many layers. I might sell it to a close friend who really wants one. Maybe I can get it for half price if he doesn’t find out…

KK bearings are not neccesary, but it may fail your yoyo. The string may bunch up in the middle, some say it causes responsiveness, so far I haven`t experienced that. It wont increase spin time, the string still rubs against the yoyo.

Seriously though, calm down about KK bearings. This problem has never came to an end. Preference could be an answer.

If the bearing is showing signs of corrosion, it’s time to get something else. Not even Chuck Norris pee is gonna save it. Right now, you don’t got a Terrapin X, you got a Feline X-crement.

So, it looks like now is a good time to go do some experimenting. Not to sell my idea, but buying different kinds of bearings to see what you like best is the best way to go. I’d avoid ceramics for now, those seem to be a waste of money. Just make sure whatever you get is a different shape so you can figure out what is the magic solution for you or that yoyo or you and that yoyo.