What are the best bearings out there, the one that would make the yoyo spin the longest


Concave bearings will help your yoyo spin longer during tricks compared to flat bearings.

But when you compare flat bearing to flat bearing or concave to concave there isn’t too big of a difference.

I personally like the Dif-E-Yo KonKave bearing


Thanks for your feedback, I already have a koncave just wondering if there was any other good bearings out there.


Kks are my favorite.


What are kks




My personal favorite is the Buddha Ripple Bearing, been loving it ever since it came out. Plus, it’s nice and cheap :slight_smile:


Improving your throw will make your yoyo spin the longest.

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Trifecta bearings are great but regular bears are good as well also concave or center trac


I’ve used all the ones sold on YYE and the other major stores. I don’t know which is the “best” but I get the best sleep times by far with YYF Gold Centertrac and NSK Gold and NSK Platinum. They’re very similar bearings and the sleep times don’t tend to vary much. The NSK’s are just kk shape and the YYF’s are centertrac. Other than that the bearings are very similarly designed…high precision gold-plated (or platinum) 8 ball bearings. I’m guessing the gold/plat plating helps prevent corrosion but the main reason those spin so long is they are just cleaned crazy well and meant to throw bone dry.

For steel bearings I like the YYR Doublestraight and the Twisted Trifecta the most.

For Ceramic I like the Crucial Grooved Ceramic the most.

Of course, jhb8426 is right. Improving your throw will improve sleep times more than switching bearings. BUT once you have a good throw you can get highly variant sleep times depending on the bearing. Some bearings spend 4 times as long as others, even if both are healthy.


Terrapin claims a yoyo will sleep for 3.5 minutes just rolling it off your hand.
Their wing cut is pretty sweet.

There is also this brand that uses magnets to optimize spin performance, not specifically made for yoyo’s.

Most bearing companies are a little far fetched in the yoyo world. Quality is definitely obtainable, but the margin of spin improvement is small.

Of course having the “best” is always desirable.


Nothing beats a nice straight throw.
A OneDrop 10 ball is what I like.


I think the real question should be what bearings should you avoid. Almost all the bearings you can buy on yoyo sites are going to be “good”

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Flat bearings for floatier yo-yos, centered bearings for stable


Just so you know… All Terrapin X C size bearings are 10 ball…


YYJ SPEED bearing. Simple and cheap and doesn’t spazz out like my 10 ball sometimes does.


One drop. Deal with it.


Hope this isn’t directed at me ha, I wouldn’t promote a company without knowing of it


No it’s not.
Most people on this forum have never had one…


I personally like onedrop 10ball. their not only smooth, but really quiet as well, even when played dry.